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Conscious Robots, Self-Aware Robots & Automata

What would it mean for a robot to be ‘self-aware’? What would it mean for an automatic machinery to be ‘conscious’? How could such mental, cognitive and affective attributes be modeled and implemented using modern (electronic / optical / photonic) digital computing and information processing technology? What will be the requisite computational architectures and operational schemes? To what extent can bio-mimetic techniques be used to make these architectures biologically inspired and biologically plausible, as modeling, simulating or emulating neurobiological systems, circuits and networks? To what degree will such machines, if successfully implemented, be socio-economically useful? The impetus of the ongoing research is to establish the best practices for exploiting the rapid innovations in parallel and distributed computing architectures and systems, including multi-core machines, chip level multiprocessors, as well as distributed tera-scale computing platforms

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