Dubrovsky, E.B., Dubrovskaya, V.A., Levinger, L., Schiffer, S., Marchfelder, A. 2004. The biological role of RNase Z is tRNA 3’ end processing of mitochondrial and nuclear pre-tRNAs. Nucleic Acids Res. 32: 255-262.

In this collaboration with Drs. Dubrovsky and Dubrovskaya (then at Dartmouth, now at Fordham) and Marchfelder (U. Ulm, Germany), Dr. Levinger contributed to the characterization of fruit fly tRNase Z. They demonstrated that the enzyme is involved in pre-tRNA 3' end maturation in vivo of both nuclear-encoded (cytoplasmic) and mitochondrial tRNAs. Additionally, this was the first report of the expression of tRNase Z using the baculovirus system, which contributes to the high catalytic efficiency of the recombinant enzyme.

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