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December 2014: CBS News Radio Reporting On Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Future

After a crisis at the NYPD, questions about the Mayor of New York's next steps.

"Mayor De Blasio’s Future.” Narr. Tom Moore. CBS Radio News. CBS News. December 2014.

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Interview of a CUNY politics scholar for the CBS News Radio, national newscast and New York City CBS Radio Station News Radio 880. Parts of this piece were also used for the CBS News affiliates across the country, using quotes or excerpts from this interview about New York City’s Mayor de Blasio and his leadership as the NYPD was mourning the loss of two of its officers.

Moore interviewed Queens College Political Science Professor, Michael Krasner about the mayor’s future, after two New York City police officers were shot to death in Brooklyn.

This radio news story is a special example of my work as a CBS News Radio Network writer and interviewer. It’s the long-form interview I did, with minor editing. I published parts of this interview, in shorter versions. Those shorter news stories were used for radio news pieces that were sent across the country to CBS News affiliates and were of special interest to WCBS Newsradio 880 in New York City.