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APA Style Pages

Links to external pages regarding APA style.

Everybody should have this APA Word template! What's a template? This Word file is already set up with the basic APA elements such as margins, font, font size (who wants to worry about that stuff?). Also, it contains neat notes about the contents of different sections.

APA Style - Vanguard University excellent overview of APA style, example paper and a Word template!

APA Style - U of Wisconsin, Stevens Pt. excellent overview, example paper and Word template!

APA Style - Capital CC halfway down is good sample paper & farther down is an APA Style FAQ

APA Style - Langara College in Canada (eh!) unbelievably inclusive and detailed

APA Style - Monash University excellent site for the pesky reference formats (how do you reference a webpage?)

A short citation guide I just had to include

Changes in 5th Edition of APA Style this is from the APA and mainly for me since I learned APA style from the 4th edition