Undergraduate Research

Academic Core 3E07B

May 3

9th Annual Research Day
12:00 AM

Graduate Training Opportunity at Brown University! by Rafael Nunez — last modified Mar 31, 2017
Brown University introduces Biomed Initiative to Maximize Student Development (IMSD), for all students interested in the pursuit of graduate level training opportunities.
York College Summer Research Program York College Summer Research Program by Rafael Nunez — last modified Mar 22, 2017
The York College Summer Research Program is an annual event designed to provide research opportunities to undergraduate and high school students.


Minority Access to Research Careers at CUNY

The MARC and RISE programs are NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded programs that aim to increase the numbers of talented underrepresented minority groups in the sciences.

These programs provide stipends and specialized training for academically qualified undergraduates (and in some cases graduate students as well) committed to pursuing careers in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. Students must be fulltime, majoring in Science, Biomedical Engineering, or Psychology (though students interested in mathematics or computer science with biomedical applications such as crystallography or bioinformatics are encouraged to apply), and committed to pursuing graduate training (PhD); students intending to pursue clinical degrees in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, optometry, etc. are not eligible. Students interested in the MD/PhD degree may apply, but will be evaluated carefully.

The MARC program is for Honors students, while the RISE program is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.Various CUNY colleges participate in the Minority Access to Research Careers initiative. Please view the links below for more information on each campus.

City Collegehttp://www.sci.ccny.cuny.edu/rise/index.html

Brooklyn College: http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/web/academics/honors/academy/programs/marc.php

Hunter College (Contact Dr. Derrick Brazill): http://brazill.bioweb.hunter.cuny.edu/

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