Undergraduate Research

Academic Core 3E07B

May 3

9th Annual Research Day
12:00 AM

Graduate Training Opportunity at Brown University! by Rafael Nunez — last modified Mar 31, 2017
Brown University introduces Biomed Initiative to Maximize Student Development (IMSD), for all students interested in the pursuit of graduate level training opportunities.
York College Summer Research Program York College Summer Research Program by Rafael Nunez — last modified Mar 22, 2017
The York College Summer Research Program is an annual event designed to provide research opportunities to undergraduate and high school students.

Research Information for New Students

York College students interested in gaining research experience are highly encouraged to look for classes that offer research or research-like experiences in the classroom.

Professors throughout York College conduct research and it is advised that students reach out to faculty in departments of interest with active research programs for more information on how to join their labs.

Steps to get involved with research:

  • Take an introductory course on a subject you're interested in to gain background knowledge of the subject. Then look for   professors that are doing similar work at York or at other CUNY colleges.
  • Volunteer at labs - Ask professors for more information about their research and inquire about volunteering in the lab
  • Look for programs that offer research experience. There are many opportunities at CUNY to gain research experience and some of these programs even offer stipends. Click the "Opportunities" tab on our page to view the list of CUNY-wide research programs.
  • Look online! There are many resources online that announce research opportunities. The Office of Undergraduate Research has a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter page, so "Like" and follow us for more information about scholarships, awards and research opportunities!