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Philosophy, Goals and Themes

Freshman Reader Program objectives

Program’s Philosophy

  • Designed to provide first-year students with a shared academic experience
  • Introduce students into an educational community where intellectual discourse is fostered and valued. 
  • Reinforces the notion that learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom, encouraging students to participate and recognize the educational value of their involvement.
  • Promotes a sense of engagement among the college community who work together to select the book and develop interdisciplinary activities around themes incorporated in the reading. 

Program’s Academic Goals for New Freshmen Students

  • Assist students to transition to a new academic environment
  • Promote the importance of reading for understanding
  • Emphasize critical thinking and reflection
  • Promote collaborative and active learning through discussion
  • Foster student involvement in learning
  • Set expectations for students by highlighting important intellectual skills and abilities, such as effective oral, visual, and written communication skills

Themes important for student learning

  • Understanding the immigrant and refugee experience
  • Benefits and difficulties of diversity
  • Life transitions
  • Cultural change versus tradition
  • Strong female role model
  • Changing nature of United States society
  • Importance of  personal responsibility and perseverance to success
  • Teamwork