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Campus Resources

York College has various resources that can help you achieve your goals and get involved.
Office Phone Room
Academic Advisement Center 718-262-2280 AC-2C01
Admissions 718-262-2165 AC-1B07
Bursar 718-262-2186  AC-1H01 
Business Office 718-262-2105  AC-1H12 
Career Services 718-262-2282 AC-3E03
Center for Students with Disabilities 718-262-2191 AC-1G02
Collaborative Learning Center (Tutoring) 718-262-2303/2494 AC-1C18
Continuing & Professional Education 718-262-2790  AC-2F01B
Counseling Center 718-262-2272 AC-1G03
CUNY Language Immersion Program/ESL  718-262-3766  SC-114
Health Services 718-262-2050 AC-1F01
Honors Program 718-262-5279 AC-4D05
IT Service Desk 718-262-5311 AC-2E03D
International Student Office 718-262-2068 AC-1H06
Library 718-262-2023 AC-3G02
Men’s Center 718-262-3772 AC-3M02
Public Safety & Security 718-262-2222 AC-1M02
Registrar 718-262-2147 AC-1H06
Scholarship Center 718-262-5343 AC-4DA1
Student Academic Services 718-262-2770 AC-4G04
Student Activities 718-262-2285 AC-1E01
Student Development 718-262-2152 AC-2F01
Student Financial Services 718-262-2230 AC-1M08
Student Support Services 718-262-2423 AC-3E03
Testing Center 718-262-2012 AC-1G05
Title IX Coordinator 718-262-2137 AC-2H05
Undergraduate Research 718-262-2813 AC-3E07B
Veterans Affairs 718-262-5298 AC-2D07
Women’s Center 718-262-2008 AC-3C01