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Professional Programs

York College Professional Programs
Nursing Students

If you are interested in one of York College’s professional programs, it is important to note these programs require separate application and screening. Applicants must keep in mind the highly competitive nature of the admissions processes for these programs. For all other program application deadlines, please see the respective departments.

Below you will find a summary of key information regarding the admissions requirements, processes, and statistics for our professional programs to allow you to make informed decisions regarding your future academic plans.


Minimum GPA for application

Minimum credits/degree needed for application

Exams prior to application

Time limits on prerequisite courses

 Number of applicants 2019-2020

Number accepted 2019-2020

Average GPA of accepted candidates 2019-2020

Clinical Laboratory Science (BS)2.5Completion of Pathways General Education Requirements and program specific prerequisite courses
10-year limit for required science courses58*49*3.214*
Movement Science (BS)2.0

Nursing (Generic BS)3.0Completion of Pathways General Education Requirements and program specific prerequisite coursesNLN Pre-Admission Exam10-year limit for science courses81523.45
Nursing (RN to BS)
Completion of an associate degree and diploma Nursing programNew York State Registered Nurse licensure10-year limit for science courses1616N/A

Occupational Therapy (BS/MS)

2.9Completion of Pathways General Education Requirements and program specific prerequisite courses
10-year limit on all OT prerequisite courses94403.49
Physician Assistant (MS)3.0Completion of a Baccalaureate degree and program specific prerequisite coursesGraduate Record Examination (GRE)5-year limit on Anatomy & Physiology courses; 10-year limit on Statistics and all other science prerequisite courses327293.65
Public Health (BS)3.0Completion of  program specific prerequisite courses

Social Work (BS)2.5Completion of  program specific prerequisite courses

Social Work (MSW) - 2 year 3.0Completion of a Baccalaureate degree

Social Work (MSW) - advanced standing3.0 overall; 3.2 in social work
Completion of a bachelor's degree in social work from a CSWE accredited program within the last five years

Teacher Education**3.0Completion of  program specific prerequisite courses



*Aggregate data from 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

**Total applicants for both 2 year and Advanced Standing MSW programs.

***Teacher Education programs include:

Childhood Education: Interdisciplinary Studies

Bilingual Childhood Education: Spanish

Middle School Extension: English, History

PreK-12: Health Education, Physical Education

Secondary Education: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mathematics