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Applying to Scholarships Outside of York

When applying to Scholarships outside of York College, the screening process is different.

Please follow all the instruction on the specific scholarship. If you have been accepted to one of the scholarships outside of York College, the money would be sent to the college to be allocated and disbursed toward tuition. Please keep in mind that the criteria and deadlines may change every year or every other semester as well as the Application process. Therefore, you must read directions carefully and see if you meet the requirements for that scholarship and follow the directions for each one you apply for. Please be aware of scams.

Free Access to Scholarship Matching Through Scholly
Scholly matches students with appropriate scholarships based on specific criteria the student enters, such as their anticipated major (healthcare, engineering, social work, etc), interests (volunteering, theatre, religious affiliation), artistic or athletic talent, or background (child of a veteran, first-generation college student, financial need, etc). Average awards are between $500 and $1,000.

To access Scholly, simply:

Go to Scholly and enter your York College email address and create a password
Choose your search criteria and get matched*.


Various other scholarship search services are available free online. The scholarships and information presented by such services are not verified or endorsed by York College.

You must notify the Scholarship Office if you receive funds from any outside organization*.