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This page provide general information about the Collaborative Learning Center.

Mission Statement

The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) provides comprehensive, centralized tutorial services to all registered York College students, and endeavors to help students develop the necessary skills which will enable them to succeed in their college-level courses and future careers.

The CLC’s knowledgeable, courteous and caring writing consultants and subject-area tutors encourage a higher level of thinking and learning, and offer an individualized, systematic, and structured learning experience. Our trained staff works with students to increase their understanding of course content materials develop study and learning strategies and facilitate students in improving their grades, which leads to higher student retention rates.

Our mission, therefore, is to enhance student’s academic performance, deepen their satisfaction with their academic experience, and increase the retention rate at York College.

Vision Statement

We aim to be a center for student engagement and a place for students to hone critical thinking and analytical skills. We strive to foster collaborative professional relationships between faculty and center services. We envision becoming a more visible presence on campus by augmenting our current services to assist student retention.


Active Learning

The CLC encourages students to take an active role in their learning by participating fully in their tutoring sessions. In addition, the CLC believes in demystifying the academic process for students in order for them to gain confidence in their abilities to transfer knowledge and skills from the theoretical to the practical.


The CLC services a diverse population and values its clients.  The CLC promotes mutual respect as a key element in its interactions with the college community and understands the importance of communicating this philosophy to its clients.

Hospitable Atmosphere

The CLC maintains an atmosphere free of judgment and condemnation, and supports and promotes a welcoming, courteous learning space.

Model Best Academic Practices

The CLC prides itself on leading by example in peer tutoring sessions. Modelling and scaffolding are two of the major strategies used to empower students’ mastery of their learning process.