Honor Student Instructions

Here are some important instructions for you that will help us make the evening a smooth event. Please read carefully!
  • While we are not requiring academic regalia for students participating in the event, we kindly ask you to dress appropriately (business formal) for this festive occasion.

  • If you are a graduating honors student or expect to receive a departmental award, please be sure to register upon arrival. The registration desk is set up in the lobby of the Performing Arts Center. Upon registration you will receive an index card. Your index card has to be presented as you enter the stage (see below). If you did not pick up your index card, you may not be allowed to enter the stage. Upon registration, you will also receive a copy of the Program.

  • Index cards are color-coded and indicate the section where you should be seated. The index card should be shown to the ushers who will direct you to your seating area.  Please follow their directions to help us have a smooth program.  Please sit in the appropriate area reserved for you.  Family and friends may sit in any other non-reserved area.

  • Before the event begins, familiarize yourself with the program and be sure to identify your name in it.  If you will be receiving more than one award, your name may appear in several places in the program.  Ushers will direct students receiving multiple awards to separately reserved seating to the right of the stage.

  • As the presentation of your award approaches, make sure to gather on the right side of the stage (i.e., by the stairs near the main podium) ahead of time and be prepared to ascend the stage as you are invited to do so by the MC.  Ushers will help you to line up.
    Upon entering the stage, proceed to receive your award and/or honor cord (for graduates with cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude only), and/or proceed to be saluted by the President and/or other stage dignitaries.  Please don’t linger on the stage, but exit on the opposite side of the stage as soon as you have received your award.

  • After the entire program is over, there will be a Reception (during which you can collect your award certificate). 

Relax and enjoy the program. Congratulations!