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PHIL 103 C, Monday, 12-11-17

Final Class: Review for Final Exam

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Philosophy 103C Monday, December 11, 2017 the Last day of class I know that my students are feeling very sad is cool to say hello yeah so they’re here really anymore because I’ve been spending my time reading your essay trying to get them back so the ones you’re giving me I’m going take a minute there Coronado 1314 the make up sake so that I can record that there take the time now okay Coronado caught up Qaeda is a moron according to my records you still owe three and five you are you aware that and 10 to 14 Andrew Gonzales they’re okay that should take care of the logs for now so are I have thought this morning and for the first class I forgot about it until couple minutes before so I’ll start with it I want to spend our time you asking questions help but are kind of overview you know if You use this red mark you know burgio is a headache for Plato and duty for mail there’s another way talk about that too later and there’s another way you cortney pathways requirement of individual society important to recognize that there’re actions that relationship made explicit so he playoff in Marcel sorry that they’re responsible for everything so this is an inclusive Malaysia between Israel family the only her car overtime as the child begins the family but the superfamily of the city authorities points out he exactly that relationship with basically knows no limits email in chapter 1 by the origin Authority and then eventually it is free to the origin of that particular type of authority call Joy the limit the authority authority what is it reads what lies authority people harmful actions can you look at chapter 4 which was assigned for you to read your we didn’t talk about what he talks about in terms of the business with the business of society to deal with is very limited very import but is limited to preventing people from harming each other all the positive stuff is left to the individual and left to the individual as during myself if you decide to do something if you want to create a start up company a new idea your association with the other people contribute their money order talents are both is all voluntary so for all practical purposes then that group is Falls within the range of the individual not to society as long as weather doing so the ranges of the limits of authority the authority of the growth over the individual very very limited only two things that are harmful dewing chapter 8 which read because wasn’t it wasn’t in the syllabus and I just said some point not that I had a way of talking about seven and eight that would benefit together and this is getting a piece of that and and so if you read somewhere that would be helpful and if you read all the first idea you come across is that the notice out of is different from there are a lot of ideas do we says about the nature of the sailor community and some are very tight three III in one the the state is more important than individuals is the whole for which the individual serve almost like soldiers in army right in and another your day dog and assert that there’s a interdependence is like same or more they’re equally what’s this thing do is reset all those our ideas and the new way of thinking doesn’t work with an idea in order to make it intelligent testing 55 that’s the right answer but I want another way of saying testing sorry write a formal I gave you there appreciate you using with the ordinary word one word we use action deweys doing so this is the main reason why want to do the first light is a good way of summarizing the three I think but also give you an insight into do we insert relationship in place when played always having trouble with the folks like use the frog and you know because they gave him examples but they couldn’t give a definition he was pushing them to a higher level of form their examples usually came from experience so the sentences were involved but abstract thinking that deals with ideas from practice from the use of ideas at and focusing on the south bay so what it meant to be intent more intelligible closer to knowledge wisdom to move in that direction of ideas do we have reverse that and whatever whatever size you use the expression in your loss use delete expression intelligent important and we’re talking about morals duty says that an experimental method removes the prejudice about community our prejudices their preconceptions you don’t know do we said what will work work the purpose of the community is to liberate the potential of the individuals fixed formed and give you half of the individual news form and therefore what job community is to education whatever might be easy are based on call connection any of those ideas as a general rule practice saw before we have to see if it works pretty good