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PHIL 103 C, Monday, 12-4-17

Dewey, Chapter 7, Morals

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Philosophy 103C Monday, December 4, 2017 if you haven’t checked your email do so please and let me know I’ve heard a couple people already today  sent me essays possesses I have read want one lease I have so check that make sure and I also sent this morning to lessen but when I sent the final exam didn’t with a list of everybody class and cases I wasn’t sure when I was and I are you what I thought to be you’re your email address for somebody Number put in there and distinguish them from somebody named whatever so check you’re your mail for the final exam and if you don’t have an get that to send me an email please send me to Will occur on the 18th two weeks from today our last class XI event on the 18th and it’s for an hour and 50 minutes from to so why are you use anything you and they’re on know for you you you can do whatever you want to with the thank you with the getting write out a whole exam if you want but you can’t do that won’t be your exam and just be like her a practice run filling out what the BSET yeah you did you get your answer to the question the way to check with me and not by me reading your answers and you ask me a question you get a response if you don’t have any questions I’ll stand right here quietly for a while and we can leave early which is probably not the best so don’t think of some questions why there is no set length and of course sometimes people write long essays Nevins is largely  We are paraphrasing the author or some for bidding sources and all sources for the author me up for business course zero pages on the other hand sometimes people don’t get an idea see a connection between that important now I can’t say however I do know that you’re not safe questions for art write in 18 minutes which do it in essay 70 lines so I don’t think much is it that you would do in the essay but I leave rule the way it sent up and got 19 lines and you’ve got an extra sheet at the end so case is some question right more about more question or more than one question I don’t expect this much is an essay because you’re doing and 18 minutes but I also think that by that time your understanding should Road when you wake up tell her question all I need and you don’t have to distribute that way if we’re 20 minutes hundred 20Cut the for V III 12 right 12 to 6 for see so you should aim for something out of all the questions antonina Dewey that’s the problem for you because I have had experience of students who’ve had better things to say about Plato no earlier in the semester then they do at the end of the term was suggested to me that they have done much reviewing recommend is that the meal is reason enough that you probably don’t need to jog your memory much the play over the hollow emails and strong impressions about this is that some of the useful details made slipped away from your memory recommend reviewing” Something to do in the classroom delete December Elsa talk about next Monday I didn’t send the final exam to everybody who’s registered for the course because I didn’t send it to people and sent me anything where sent me essays I figured those people don’t know what good will do to take the final if they’ll do the essay so if you want a copy of the final you haven’t done one or more the essay my suggestion is that you send me a message asking for the final to which you attach your essays it’s due next Monday which means that there is no time and when we get back together again that oh course not just my old speech doesn’t apply with the email so when you get back depends on how quickly unable to get through the forest and it will be my effort to get give you at least couple of days to consider some of the criticisms but basically you should regard it as a kind of warm up on the leak you earlier than when the next Monday now is due on Monday last class but either Wednesday our last discussion of doing you might as well if you if you don’t if you don’t plan to do anything with it and I do you know I know I don’t send them back until I’ve got to a certain point one thing I’ll stick to this time is anybody to give to me after Monday should not expect get back before the final but you still need a requirement why don’t you well just a question right now all I wanted to this instant that’s what we’re doing today yeah so what about them of the new note because that that yeah what the problem affecting value not to tell me about your essay just this is just conversation you can tell me basically same ideas what’s up what’s the problem affecting value well that that would be my next question but if you talk about the problems affecting values in general so that we can use simple examples that I’ve done to illustrated then the next question would be well what is the detergent that is a problem last night you still looking at your of what you wrote know that we shouldn’t be doing that hear me occasionally might have to buy you can’t remember somebody else it’s an appropriate question to ask because today’s subject is chapter 7 in chapter 7 is Dewey answer to the question of how philosophy can’t deal with problems of human values problems faxing and chapter 7 is about those values that have to do with you Visual motor coach moral values in chapter 8 is about those which have to do with the group social and political values and those two are related as abstractions from a single actual reality abstractions in the sense that when we think about any reality and think about some part of it we don’t have to think about everything hand but try think about the whole so we abstract from something that is their together the the part contribute but individual apart contributed by the the groove so if we were to talk about his classroom for example what what are some of the group aspect of this classroom what are some of the features of it as a group in order to be a group SS floral number people write more than one person that’s the group miss Baptiste is looking around trying out she’s the only one here is besides me what well there are number of students that makes it a group with the number 10 is important except for financial reasons there are other reasons numbers could be important if you have too many people it’s hard to participate you have to few you maybe enough to make a purchase patient good some days one person have some ideas for so anything else that you would take care Driessen H with this group as a group is are there any differences in membership in this group so I soon to students all students are members of the group in the same way right-handed reasons maybe why you’re in this course the Students that are all members of this group students not me so is that when the most obvious he drew the group there’s a teacher there soon right now do all teachers teach alike no so so the nature of the group aside from special features a teacher to teacher may go about organizing the truth in different ways we see that sometimes even in a physical form hi baby heading coming to this classroom and seen the chairs all in a circle maybe that happens at know that not just him before his that has happened anyway and I know I have a colleague who whenever he can organize his quest that way everybody’s sitting around circle how was that effective way to group functions I don’t meeting detail but just in a general way what might you imagine what effect might have a what is that happening isn’t everybody me I know that nobody pays attention all the time it’s on but what I think the point is not clear because everybody right now is facing forward right and looking in this direction maybe some people are thinking about everything what would be different about the circle that is an infection some ways it might be looking teacher West I don’t mean to distracted necessary is the wrong domain but but how what up what up what about the circle doesn’t what but You doing sending and what happens here too I’m alright now so I think it is your balls right at the difference if you’re sitting in a circle you’re making eye contact if you’re sitting this way say all facing in one direction with me right if you’re making eye contact so if you’re sitting at circle you making eye contact well I may not be quiet everyone because those who are too close to you on the left and right you have to turn turn to do but but you you’re looking at more than one person and so what does that tomorrow so what are you promoting if you’re if you got I contact with people other than the teacher if is Webster with the Romain can’t they can’t entirely wrong right for both of them and said that is about discussion so how does it how mighty change that is going has to but how might you change the discussion if you’re facing people other than feature you might be talking to people is that necessarily a bad thing me in another class I like tacos is looking at his computer right so in another class I have a couple students who four weeks and nothing is on so what the page from well thanks for being in my class you’re choosing not to think seriously what I do take seriously and you’re sucking me off if what I just said I want students to do only one thing in this class we’re leaving with it it’s too late that should’ve been your answer five so when is the other class then in this class I tell people not to look at saving in students and students talk to each other sometime right and what you talking to each other about me have nothing to do with this class nothing unusual about that bar obviously if the teacher wants them to pay attention to something the teacher which writer work against bye not all teachers do that not right some teachers don’t say a word test function depends too considerable sense but by no means entirely on the it also depends on the stones whether there willing to go along with the digital rules or not and so those circular thing encourages students to respond to each other in other words it it suggests make make a fat but it’s order suggested push a little bit in the direction of exchanges between students and is it just button shaped because you’re facing each other but it also does expose every student so I know there was a time when I when I taught in elementary computer course it’s actually have the experience of Michael Lab course I found out how to sitting in if you’re at the front of the room teaching stuff and then have to go back this soon over there that wanted going to do a lot of running like that but nothing that happens in the classroom like that is that students hide behind the computers I think you kids you have more privacy then you normally have an if you don’t want to pay engine Monday something else or nothing at all you could give more likely it would do it in in that kind of a classroom so some lethal some of it is physical no the object in the room some was the arrangement of the of the people participating but a lot of it isn’t a physical in that way it Is if the rules and the agreements about how to operate and those are those are group features what are the individual features prior to this activity differently with different for example of this were an advanced course and philosophy other courses where this is an introduction thank you