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PHIL 103 E, Wednesday, 11-22-17

Dewey, Chapter 3

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Philosophy 103E Wednesday, November 22, 2017 I’m going to try to give you some help with these logs including one just gave Time know what I stress Monday member was that when do we talk about problem not talking about two different people disagree I Don’t have an idea get an idea we have an idea against the white what what is it that blocks and idea do is talk about environment wasn’t fat fat bright if your idea is Open a bottle and you can’t it’s not because somebody has a different opinion because the fact of the bottle difficult very possibilities right out of my hands are strong as it used to be so incredible song about if I can borrow and if somebody the major problem somebody who wants to do something cannot now that’s not a difficult concept I know something that you been familiar with for decades you were located now take that idea overnight the tried to become a fat let’s part there maybe that will talking about it me up so clear to get out of means a sexy idea to Become a fat to give me example I’ll get an answer from somebody are you putting it yes Union so give me an example hungry you’re hungry mean you got idea in fact your ideas are kind of idea that we call a desire to write me to put something in your mind but it’s also desire you want to eat and desire implies something about the fact and about a change in the facts we have a desire means you don’t like the situation the way it is now right you desire something that you don’t have okay now what what so even when you mention it as a designer I mention that as an idea that you’re already talking about a fact that isn’t something you don’t have right so now what happens this new year filled with you next point can you do something in my didn’t be my b-day you have a sandwich sitting in front of or something right but in order to take care of your hunger is not enough& was in front of you is it TF needed to do something and doing something means changing the facts save now so what you just learn it kind of an abstract way of talking about something that couldn’t be more familiar you had hundred and hundreds of meals right not to mention the sex but you’ve now heard he talked about in very general terms I didn’t even have to do any a wedding was wonderful was it important to make a point so we’re talking very general terms about ideas action I’ll tell you yes using Busy Direct not now wrong delete of we’ve been dislike you when when do we talk about stories injector want which does not philosophy but it’s it’s the material not meaning its workforce he think about what is it about the stories why are those stories told according to do what kind of stories and talk about wiring toll remember the example is Kelly I didn’t see that your hands up are you I I appreciate students are willing to talk with her not sure because of you wait until you’re sure I’m the only one whole talk not because I’m sure because the baby Glad what do you think you can tell story Leslie can remember it right and furthermore part of the purpose of the story on Biggby the purpose is to remember it why Smart well it becomes tradition because they make this effort yes but why does something become tradition something else doesn’t I think this is a models for what do you mean by relate to that a little bit vague I’d appreciate a response but can make a more definite how does it relate with what Amy’s it relates to people smarts well this work bad I’m sorry who is that you have what you what what yes yeah or something on the road so Press this word is for Carol Mark an asset is friendship for you all okay so now what Mark is added to the to help Ms. Kelly who was trying to tell what this support in the story is is she told us that the people tell the story have some feelings about it another words it matters to them I have a positive and negative feelings right you Tell story about something harmful destructive that happened you might have a negative and positive feelings been told somebody that you write the war stories yeah same same battle that one rejoices in the other mourns no but matter to us because we care about what’s the word that I’m using to speak in general desire care about that matter to us that do You remember I know you remember because so many of you emphasize this in your blog that Dewey said that these stories are concerned with feeling not reason right member I told you I turned in twisted a little bit different stories the song that traditionally stories were chanted song and and that way when you hear the Story about lower hearing loss song see about adding track and field of family therapy song exclamation here the Feeling she sits and so beautifully feeling you get think about well is that you want to hear a his law that’s what it is she fell down okay but a lot of explanation sometimes the ideas that Experience I’ll see you say so baby the hostel yeah I go there so these are the terms are you today and you and they are perfectly general that is philosophy according to Louis that you talked about the fact and value is perfectly general terms and so what you will need is not too much understand what do you think Flossie is as to understand will better yet understand why that might be useful remember war jogging about Socrates General items in the class was sympathetic to Socrates but I have to ask you if the guy defending himself against people or not what you getting say that he did it was a good thing to do what’s the benefit from that and I made the same emphasis on those very different context when I’m talking about Mill defending liberty your inclination very often is disabled it’s nobody’s right to tell me what to do in my right to make up my Oma and Milton specifically on that appeal back track right I’m going to try to show that liberty is a beneficial thing because I assured you that if you’re exercise of liberty have you never little of that every time you needed of giving somebody else cold let alone the more terrible the there will be a law against it now got do we say that a lot first talk about disguising that we talk about you know normally without any trouble without using words like that we say things like like I said in the beginning of this class I observed when my colleagues teach from 11 to 12 to 1 so I didn’t get the lunch and I’m hungry take that something we we don’t say there’s a I’ve experienced the separation fence will be talking like a robot or something so the question then becomes what uses flossy what uses it to talk about those things like that and of course we can give part of the answer right away if you understand something like Credit card you don’t have you hurt me early say that Dewey’s model which is sort of expressing the way I’ve been teaching you to write for this course in with you cannot do something trying to something you cannot so you have to think about what you been doing to try figure out why it’s unsuccessful that’s what you have to think when your success so therefore if this philosophy is useful it might arrive in a situation where people are unable to do something that cannot be a situation like they’re trying to get lunch and there’s some problem so if there’s a need to talk like this it doesn’t arrive out of simple situations like that if you need to talk perfectly general terms about fashion valley then the problem out of Wichita arises must be equally general it must be the case somehow at The way people think in general just isn’t working very well not to they’re having a problem with this or that or the other thing but things are not working well in general now what was made based on what I told you so far what would make things did not work presumably at some point they were working alright what would make them now some point in she way I watch eBay said fall apart Great Nigerian rider kind of independence things fall apart what what in general according to Dewey members do not try to find these answers in your own head except insofar as your own head test stuff from Dewey what is the cause of the problem according to do you just got here no but we week we went over this stuff before you want to take a shot yes yes fat stop you from doing things if you were able to do things before and now you’re not how do you explain that Kelly the fast food chains now sometimes when you go home and put your key in the door doesn’t open right why please thing K or no broken in various ways right and what are you doing advice like that you can’t thousand proud Kelly what I need specific advice what we call such a locksmith right right and even the middle of the night he’ll come out and only charge you what ever anyway for our purposes we don’t have to worry about those details you you things change and sometimes you can’t do what you were able to do before but what does it mean but about faxing them what it what state what is the word to do we gives us for things that Thursday yes tradition tradition now sometimes all the tradition call using a key over the door tradition doing some testing and the tradition it is involve your feelings your values because the things you do are they know they’ve a Nobita absolutely first choice you have never let this is the life form it’s part of a community of things that we something you want to do or all things you want to do and the circumstances right your values are involved and you carry out your values you go to work to go home you eat whatever except when it doesn’t work right temple of SJ so if the fast-changing then what happens to this edition yeah and then I send you understand that bad say Press right he them I’ll try to use vision and Humalog in law that says yes wrong that I have. After world vision changes problem with that is Eddie’s skit is that right When what you do not work so all you want but initially is that dish and is to a wish that cannot be fulfilled values right but you cannot longer live like that and met her vision is not just a matter of this is example the word edition first to your home hallway light disrupted they can’t do anything I mean there are times in the world that look at people whose countries have been ravaged with worn from had great numbers of people but we’re driving at a cost the whole way I like to be just in order that we can conceive why might have to do thinking of the Gen. terms zero point the thing in the Gen. terms is not meant to solve any particular problem it’s meant to teach us again new way of thinking about all these kinds of problems so that we can do a better job that’s what he says for now I want to go through this sequence of  us to show you that that’s what he thought about you what is the work six pages anyway Press save and the reason that we talked about vacant and then the revolution show you call what do is a big change in the behavior of Europeans generally that is it possible to say that word again but he points to Vegas one of the earliest thinkers who expressed the time to think about what see is a lot of activity analog leaving home where my business is all that is all one of that and Press home sloppy the before colonizing a song so the Europeans was at Rob Asia China Japan they went to the New World came America’s marital dissolution nothing software so that’s is the most obvious standardization they’re at their activity Harvey in and which travel and exploration is is basic because it has to do with moving around and doing things so if you look you don’t have to look now but you could make a note of the fact if you look at page 22 the last paragraph on page this envy is upon the industrial side so that the word industrial and what aboutIs walking Oliver to the industrial revolution we’ve already said well whatever you want to say about the Industrial Revolution clearly it replaces animal power with machine right I’m doing is just mentioning the seasons paragraph or two to remind her. The effects we already know in the general term not trying to get a real firm discussion anything here and then I’ll pay 20 to 24 page 143The seats of the mutual interdependence of the scientific revolution in the Industrial Revolution revolutionary and then and then on the face 25 feet social revolution and along the way the religion is a 26 politics in the basement and you didn’t get to these revolution so here’s the basic idea hey kid do we have seats of the sure wish that kind of thinking using a wouldn’t really care about was not at the mall so all these revolutions are at that time please but what I’m about to do next is to tell where velocity comes into the stick because Joey the probably Physics that 18 chemistry and IP biology kind of progress over from those everything pass the area universe is made out of Adams only all those things are come home a lot of chemicals that was a little girl Direction toward humankind first paragraph what movie this is about want save read bad very successful on increasingly complex material I have not yet been able to deal with human values we have been able to sit down together and solve our problem we have led so Joey says he’s going to look at the design would you 74 chapters try that problems fashion values to Page 25 where in the paragraph it began on the page before he first saw this stuff about science minimalist all the things were different to it and he says toward the end(page 25 by means of science our science is not yet such that this command is systematically and preeminently applied to the release of human estate is a kind of fancy way of saying for your thoughts solution of human problems Southfront chemistry algae and dolls do help with human problems right knowledge of biochemistry love I just want you to know there are like $8 billion on the earth now when doing roses it was like want to have to and no matter how badly are we kill each other wholesale we our number Silva and number two innovative 67 years old and so on they are able to continue to eat in the 1950s fifties and India production of wheat for acre surpass that canvas in united testing for the scientific revolution has enabled us to deal with material problems like food and medicine which are important right can’t do any only get killed by disease price book we been done very well with these material problems the well with these so that’s the importance of the chapter that do not about today three anyone on schedule for Monday for because it’s going to give us an idea of what how he thinks of this and then chapter 7 and eight will be duly trying to show us what kind of ways we can think about problems about moral ground political proud with the help so happy Thanksgiving