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PHIL 103 G, Wednesday, 12-6-17

Dewey, Chapters 7 + 8, Morals + The experimental method

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Philosophy 103 G Wednesday, December 6, 2017 did anybody here right on your long 14 that you don’t get it you don’t you don’t know what do we talk about in know that that I want to tell you that I found it gratifying because I’ve been trying to teach not to pretend to know golf and I know that you do that you’re not thinking of yourself as doing that you’re thinking of yourself this time the best answer you can even though you feel like what the hell try to talk about what the author talks about so that when some of you actually said I don’t get this I don’t know what he means by the experimental method apply to morals and then where are you right when I’m talk about. And may even at the end express that you’re not happy with what yeah okay so I appreciate your doing that it’s almost like starting with confession not Any clearer in clearing your conscience be perfectly honest me and then getting dry that season meeting way learn and I and I got a number of them from didn’t remember which classes there’s three or four at least when you find something situation we don’t know what you talking about well here’s the thing so what are they yelling bingo was his go to phone whatever there is even though handle Big Dipper points to the Northstar you and I’ll any and you can see that stars would not wish directions north then you may what have an idea about my home or wherever it is a direction that from where I am now but there’s something and another thing to tell you when you’re lost out in the woods or someplace like that is that you should not change your mind set off in one direction all it is so that would get scared right but on the other hand your chances of getting out not knowing and dancing about where you are how to get out our best if you just keep going on in one direct pick a direction and go so for all of this talk that that I’m engaging stimulated in all of us some feeling I’ll be scared and being lost and I’m doing that on purpose LSA using a trembling but we’ll have some we’re in touch with this kind of feeling and it bothers most when we’re kids I can never one time to stop and have some without no give them my address okay so ha ha you tomorrow what Jack after Y read for hat for you nowhere oka call free ride their website is G floor floor one revelation to me not fair waffle let do what we know a lot mostly on the way you don’t learn they say you won’t be able to go tomorrow nerve yeah and you remember that we also remember gee so remember but Useful remember how long her Birthday is to celebrate birthdays right we say a lot even a sign in Dallas Road. And all almost there so is this where are versus varnish have to Remember I will beneficial person Spanish when we have trouble getting along when you do a very yourself you you when are you where are you turn hate law yourself and evil hey when you when you relate to them out of law you not only you member. Before he Witmark he was asked where you doing Birmingham riding right people Connor Sharon Berman baby burn and I’ll be taking German Shepherd powerful World living cigarettes donkeys and will so in order for somebody to act out a you so he bees that idea about the situation we’re at the subject site then when you do something in the ration result today is all depends on we me I have work yeah you doing what make a sound that now what paste why do you have to save the date Lee two-day Wall so review a fair society shore moral that is a very had one factor something category one time and we all here you mad River usually and however material or is my friend or not that you got her to verify and so the way you complete Nissan is zebra resulted and not what you want you about these allowing the results to reflect back on your plan José call me I’m resisting that beautiful however yeah what is the work and see want well just dad so baby are find out just B someone Else so what moral two there aren’t only are you the one she do you want a friend so whenever be allowed the results of your actions and you allowed to serve. Cleo for one version then you’ll you and then what was Julie’s and so you won’t this Thing Jack is about society and sorry click wealthy individuals walk their ability are more and completely out now yeah I’ll forget that he is a chewy instrument