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PHIL 103 G, Wednesday, 9-6-17

Plato, "The Euthyphro"

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This is a philosophy 103G G Wednesday, September 6, 2017 that’s free 15 minutes late and then I’ve been talking about the technology got the word philosophy this time I’ll have to be careful how I announced things Press next now at the same time I might as well collect your long now before I you can collect them I want you to know that I understand that that I’m trying to produce confusion about what you’re supposed to do I could’ve done a better job so I understand that what I’m about to get Canadian completed my behaviors whatever but that’s our don’t worry about it here’s what I want you to do now some of you meeting new you don’t know what was inside it was several things for walk if you have a wall it’s supposed to be in wanted to format printed out I’m Sheet of paper or on a five by a car race car is this size if you didn’t answer my without a paper I think at this time but not after alright if you have it on a piece I printed out the sheet of paper please folded in half with the preshow not the way the way we would normally do wonderful letter something like that okay get those ready and then as I call your name you can pass those forward one last comment about this many of your names Lisa asked that I don’t pronounce them very well so I asked you to correct me and help me along a little bit not in some cases on never been to pronounce it really well won’t sound like I’m in your family or something you know but I wanted to be halfway decent not insulting hey so you help me please also dollar on Monday Joanne Baptiste battistone okay where you where you here at on the 28th grade okay thank you Edna Brown Marcus Canady Great thanks you don’t have anymore me okay were you hear the first class actually the first lesson is a 29 here was the second one I guess you’ve you were here for that one Arthur Anisa Jamie Chong we are the first class Nola Holcomb just curious if you didn’t know you said you did not know you had to jayleen Duarte cute on Paul Duhaney no one any you were here done 28th hey Chanel Fowler mohammed Homer you when you hear the first class Stephanie Hamlin tonya Lee Heslop not seem oh. Go on key came on King thank you for the correction Melissa Lopez now thinking about another section Barbara Pierre Maria Ramirez Daisy Rundell lingo Gisele Santana#Cher-ee Sydney Kellyanne Stewart left stereos Talya Pearl Webster Rutledge Shawn Keith Wilson anybody’s name is not okay so please come up after class give me a name are you is this your first time here and you’re percent here break my list is I compiled about two weeks ago you were here on the 28th whatever so I will I’ll need your and with a number and your email address after class up okay now I want to say something about those of you were here I’m 28 and didn’t is the beginning of the semester I understand the things don’t always run smoothly but I can tell you that if you don’t do the assignment assignment went for half please I know you’re trying to expose all print for me but I want everything to be thing these assignments are for your benefit not mine I benefit in various ways from this class pay neighborhoods and things for the assignment to design for your education I did my of the road for you not to do them means that you’re not doing what you should to learn want to keep that in mind the syllabus says that you’re marked absent if along and you don’t have it with you silvis even uses metaphor it says it’s like Visa how clever we anticipate how important the immigration issue so the the lawns are not great that may lead some people to Saillown that with it I don’t feel like doing it I won’t do it but what I tell you what I said on the 28th birthday is only one way to long can affect your grade that is if you don’t do it can’t make it great worth if you do it don’t do it can invest in the semester if you only along can you do anything you get minded if you don’t do anything to make up that long you found the course okay so at least I want you to be clear that when I say somethings required it’s required you don’t have to do anything that I tell him I’m telling you what I’m doing furthermore do it late you might get credit for having done it but you will not get credit for taking seriously what your teacher tells you need to do in order well you don’t have to think you did you seriously was nothing in the Constitution are written anywhere a teacher seriously that’s alright to but if your teacher nobody doing anything for you to do certain things my recommendation would be doing a better chance to learn stuff one of yeah it’s getting all this’s sermon so we now have about 22 minutes to finish the discussion of user from some of you probably haven’t read views from another some you have written unusable but the syllabus and those of you registered late I’m out of printed syllabi but I want anybody who doesn’t have a syllabus even if he seated me after class also to send me an email and there is my email address and the email should say may I have a syllabus in a minute you’re given a syllabus you want another one or whatever I will send it to you as an email attachment you can print it out just keep it whatever anytime you want so just ask for syllabus shows that we go onto the apology on Monday given that we are only about 20 minutes on the use of pro after spending maybe 45 minutes last on the use of rubber then we will go to the apology in some ways they want a family to each other Think you heard me say this the use of role is a discussion about two weeks before Socrates tried in which Socrates I’m One level what happens is Socrates try to get some help different restaurant modern terms consultation the apology is not the whole drive is Plato’s version of Socrates defense another zero start living a life review supposed to try him it Is followed by the cried out where Socrates has been convicted and is in jail and his friend Crider. And that is followed by the Pheto in which Socratesis again talking with some friends in jail awaiting the execution of the sentence which is a death sentence to accomplish by drinking the poison tradition that the Hemlock the medical people say that the description of the way Hemlock works in a case socket he thinks poison and died the Pheto is about 80 pages the last few pages are the death scene before that is a long discussion of of The nature of the soul and whether or not it is immortal so all of these dialogs except for the Meeno mentioning are related to actually the Meeno is too because in the trial we made one of Socrates accusers mellitus but there’s another accuser we don’t see in the trial name and address we need an artist in the Meeno towards the end of the Meeno Socrates is making a point about teaching Wiki argues Great man who I generally thought of been virtuous do not pass virtue on their songs but they don’t do their virtue which suggests rapid virtue cannot be taught in the course of that discussion of some of the great man would be working American talking about Great leaders so even amino has connections with the trial so we will have some opportunities then in in as this class next few class meetings are talk about other dialogs to continue with reference to the use of her older than me Beautiful what I like to talk to you about getting you because I want you to develop an appreciation for how reading of platonic dialogue is unusual in that it’s both like reading an essay or something you might find a textbook where there’s intellectual material developed but also liked reading a play where there is a characters how we understand playwrights Dial’s presents character suck this dialogue the use of pro begins with any counter between user from Socrates doesn’t give us an introduction tells these characters are or how what relations they have already shown in the dialogue what you need to know about it show time so that’s where I want to begin including you’ve a dentist session and about each of them is does using pronouns please what well test and my need your name last thing Santana Santana you’re feeling that there is the relationship is limited I think is correct limiting it to haven’t heard of them is too limiting I think he knows better than that the question what is it that happens by use of role that would indicate to you that house your name please spell it right yes a surprise to meet him there it was almost like if you if you were in a bars no having drinks with your friends that you saw somebody that you know doesn’t rain so what would you say man what what question would you ask your wife doing hair sorry to see you on walk right what hey sissy this phone what we call a person who does courthouse salon who’s was saying that I hear voices zero your day yeah Sunday works for house backyard or a lawyer but there is a word up here but I guess somebody’s teaching here tedious and mail it worth to just is there yes no you may not know the words in another world so Socrates is being presented is the opposite of that what are you doing here another words what you are be tore apart about Socrates by use of rosewood spa of surprise is that Socrates is maybe the last guide expect to see you in court so that that doesn’t tell you a lot but it does suggest that when Socrates has problems with people he doesn’t call call or hire an attorney what does he do what how what is he doing can you guess is Fowler is that right what’s your buddies who weren’t worth follow okay great okay you both wearing glasses I’ve got an excuse so can you can you make an inference or not they were told this based on what you know about Socrates which is always very little right red dialogue does Socrates know right right at he’s call trying to print anything with give you that impression if we can understand not sympathize with you supposed father but understand why Socrates is surprised that user from pressing charges based on what we set based on what hotel sock you must really know what piety is if this is what you’re doing because usually we protect our loved ones right even when they’re wrong so if I understand and be willing to accept the fact that somebody else is falling into jail but we wouldn’t do it usually that makes us okay right so they ask you this is what I suppose he wasn’t sure what would that mean why would you fall can you explain that why are you not sure that is wrong but not sure that it’s right why should be in this case very it Is alright if you’re not wrong now you should lettuce may send sure Black dresses say your parents or your life so now the word piety it is not a word we use a lot probably most of you maybe all of you recognizes the word used in religious context that is used in a broader sense authorities and the first arguably the most important authority in our lives is that we’re children and it’s our parents where there are biological parents or not you know those who and not just make us come into existence but raised in existence so if if he’s going to do something negative too one To whom he owes piety circle K respect for you’re your superiors your betters your authorities over you if he is going to do something negative PS better understand what ideas and would demand up idea so that he’s not doing something in pious wrongful against such authority right and therefore Socrates throughout the discussion no matter what difficulties you’re having explaining things to Socrates keep saying now I know that you know what piety is you’re just not telling me you you can’t believe that you’re complicated man you’re not telling me what you know and Saturday six to the idea that use the phone knows this because if you didn’t know what he would never do such a thing what are you doing today what would you do if you didn’t know what ideas instead of pressing charges against his father what would Socrates happened find out right find out what Heidi is getting some clarity about what you’re supposed to do in situations like this sometimes we can we got a drive right right then Press change case song ha ha one more day well he he he he said Block party this is a clever stratagem on the part of a guy who likes to talk to people right misses you might say to a friend whose doesn’t have time for you with it I really need to talk to you it’s important you know I got this trial coming up or whatever the hell it is right so that it puts pressure on your friend to help you right please getting usable and we see not only is only 120 pages a news broadcast to get out of there sorry just trying to drive into the discussion by saying I need your help but because have this discussion proceed what’s your impression who knows more about what piety is Socrates or yeah pizza music program help but who’s actually getting the hell you throw away about Omega definition before you talk Socrates after he finishes like something you may need couple more conversations which won’t happen right sorry baby going to be dead sometimes you have to talk to people because next time I might be back sorry okay see you Monday because there are below Halo got a proper trial that’s the reason that the apology hang on let me turn this