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Composing CUNY Login Username from Bb Grade Center Download

A tutorial on how to compose or construct CUNY Login usernames for students in your class based on the data from your Bb course grade center.

There are situations where you want to have the CUNY Login usernames for your students. For example, you may want to pre-assign students to breakout rooms in Zoom meetings, or add your students to your class Teams. Both cases would need you to use students's CUNY Login usernames. This tutorial provides steps to easily compose them for your students.

  1. Go to your course in Bb. Under "Course Management," click "Grade Center" > "Full Grade Center."
  2. Click "Work Offline" on the top right, then click Download.
  3. On the "Download Grades" page, under Data, check the radio button "User Information only" and click Submit at the bottom right.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Open your downloaded spreadsheet.

    =CONCATENATE(B2, ".", A2, RIGHT(C2, 2), "")

  6. Copy this formula =CONCATENATE(B2, ".", A2, RIGHT(C2, 2), ""), and paste it to cell F2. This formula constructs the CUNY Login of your students based on their first name, last name and the last two digits of the empl ID.

    CUNY Login

  7. Move your cursor to the bottom right corner of F2 cell so that it shows a solid "+" sign. Press down your mouse and drag it down to the rest of the cells in F column to copy this formula for the rest of the students. Now you have the CUNY Login for all your students.