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Creating class meetings in Teams

A short tutorial on how to create meetings for your classes on Teams.

Currently our email is not connected to our CUNY Office 365 accounts. Consequently, we cannot schedule meetings in our class teams as described in many tutorials created by Microsoft and others.  The steps below provide a workaround to create and post the class meeting links in CUNY's Office 365 Teams.  The idea is to create one meeting link for the entire semester, instead of scheduling weekly meetings.

  1. On the Teams page, click the course team for which you want to create meetings.
  2. Click "Meet" on the top right.

    Start a meeting in a Team

  3. Type in a name for the meeting. We recommend including the course name, the days and time of the meeting in the name. Then click "Join". Depending on whether you use a Windows or Mac machine, the interface may look a little different.  But both provide space for a meeting name and have a "Join" button.

    add a meeting name and click Join

  4. In the meeting space, a pop up panel appears. On the panel, click "Copy meeting link."

    copy the meeting link

    • In case you closed the panel before you copy the meeting link, on the meeting page, click the 3-dot icon to access the more actions panel. On the panel, click "Show meeting details."

      Access meeting actions

    • On the"Meeting details" panel, right click the "Click here to join the meeting" link and choose "Copy link address."

      Meeting details panel

  5. You can post the meeting link on the class Team general Posts page by clicking "New Conversation" button.

    Team general Posts page

  6. In the new conversation box, you could easily write "This is the meeting link" and then paste the link address in the box. But you can make it look better by following the steps below.
    1. Below the conversation box, click the letter A icon to toggle the graphic editor,

      toggle graphic editor

    2. Type in a subject, for example, ENG 101 PQ Class Meeting Link. In the content section, type in a link name, e.g. Fridays 9 AM - 10 AM.  Select the link name by dragging the cursor across it. Then click the chain icon on the toolbar. In the pop-up dialogue box, paste the meeting link in the Address field. Click Insert.

      graphic editor

    3. You can also add other instructions related to the meeting if necessary. Click the Send icon at the bottom right to post it. The screenshot below is what it looks like:

      posted meeting link

  7. You can also paste the meeting link in your Bb course by adding a web link.