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Enabling Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Follow the steps below to enable breakout rooms for your Zoom meetings.
  1. Sign in to CUNY Zoom web portal with your CUNY Login credential on a browser.  All pre-Zoom meeting settings can only be done by logging in your Zoom accounts on a browser.
  2. Click Settings on the left navigation panel. Make sure that you are on the Meeting tab.

    Zoom settings

  3. Scroll down to "In Meeting (Advanced)" section and click the switch button next to "Breakout room" to turn it on if it is off (grey color). It should have blue color when it is on.

    enabling breakout rooms

To find out how to assign your students to breakout rooms, go back to the Zoom Tutorials page "Breakout Rooms" section and check out how to randomly assign members, manually assign members, and pre-assign members to breakout rooms.