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Blackboard for Faculty

Workflow vs Standalone

Below are our Workflow tutorials for setting up your course in Blackboard (Bb).  In the Standalone section of this support page, we also provide instructions for setting up parts of your course outside of this workflow, but still in its spirit.  These standalone tutorials are limited in number as we did not feel a need to add to the already vast collection of standalone tutorials readily available on the web. 

A main road vs backroads

Instead, we created, and tested, a workflow where all pieces securely fit together.  It’s a main road we carved out in the forest; and while you will not learn about the many shortcuts or alternative ways that Blackboard offers, you will also not need to learn about the potholes on these backroads or be warned about possible roadblocks further up the road.

Advantages for students

Following the workflow instructions results in a course design that may be different from the course design you are used to; it may also inspire different design ideas that suit you better. These are some of the main advantages of “our” design for students:

  • When opening your course students see all course related “news” (and nothing else) on a Dashboard-like page
  • With the “Schedule & Syllabus” link students are only one click away to find out when they need to do what with which materials and which tool or in which area
  • The Grade Center is set up so that students at all times have an idea “where they stand” as weighted total columns are always up to date
  • Help for students using a tool is pushed out by profs together with an assignment


The primary format for our tutorials is audio: no need to be looking up, down, left or right from the tutorial to your screen.  For those who like to read more than to listen we also provide a transcript.  For a quick overview of what you will be instructed to do and where, on what page, take a look at the “Blackboard Course Setup in 12” slideshow.  These slides can also be a visual aid to following the audio.


Before the Semester Starts Bb Tutorials in 12 slides

CTLET York College CUNY Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0