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Bulk Download Turnitin Assignments

Five types of Turnitin assignments data:

You can download the Turnitin assignments for all students at once for 5 types of data.

  • Grade Report: it includes student names, emails, Turnitin user IDs, Titles of their papers, Paper IDs, Date and Time of the submissions, Word Counts, Grades, Date and Time when students viewed your feedback, and Similarity Scores.
  • Submission List: simply the student names and whether they submitted the assignments.
  • Original File: original files in original formats such as Word. This is useful if you want to grade them offline.
  • Standard PDFs: the original files in PDF. 
  • GradeMark PDFs: graded papers with your comments in PDF. This is good for record keeping.

Follow the steps below to download Turnitin assignments:

  1. Go to your course page where the Turnitin assignment is located.
  2. Click the link of the assignment for which you want to download. The Assignment Inbox page will be displayed.
  3. On the far right, click the "Download All" button. Pick the type of assignment data you want to download by clicking on it in the drop-down box.

Bulk download Turnitin assignments

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