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Chemistry Notations

Chemical equation notations and an embedded periodic table are now included in the math editor found in the content editor/text editor.
  1. In a content editor, click the double arrow on the top right to open the toolbar to three rows if you only see one row.

    Content editor one row toolbar

  2. Click the math editor icon.

    Math editor icon

  3. A math editor is popped up. Click the "α Ω" tab, then click the arrow on the grey bar at the right. The periodic table will appear from which you can pick any element. 

    Periodic table embedded in the math editor

  4. Click the arrow and 3-dot tab, then the arrow on the grey bar to find appropriate notations for chemical reaction equations. Click the question mark on the top right to find more information.

    The tab for chemical reaction symbols

  5. When finished, click Accept to insert the chemical notations or reaction equations to the content editor. 
  6. Click Submit to post it.

CTLET York College CUNY Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0