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If you collect an assignment in Bb

  1. In the Full Grade Center, go to the column you want to grade.
  2. You will see an exclamation mark indicating that a student completed the work, be it a paper submission, a blog, a discussion forum, etc. or a score if it is a quiz/exam graded by Bb.Click the action button (the chevron) next to the exclamation mark or score and select “Grade User Activity” or “Attempt [date]”.
    Hover to the Exclamation mark icon
  3. Grade student’s work and provide feedback. Each assessment has different ways of viewing and grading. Here are audio tutorials on how to view and grade Blogs, Discussion Boards, Journals, Tests, Turnitin assigments (Paper), Alt-Assignments (Audio, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheet), Illumira (Video) and Wikis.
  4. Click “Submit”. If another page appears, click "OK" to continue.
  5. Use the arrow next to student’s name to go to the next or previous student’s work. Then click the Grade Attempt button under "Actions" to modify the grade.
    Grade Details page

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