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Creating a VoiceThread Homepage link

This is a faculty tutorial on how to create a VoiceThread Homepage link in Blackboard (Bb).

To create any VoiceThread (VT) videos for students to watch, you will need to create a space in VT to store all your videos and slides, which can be accessed from any of your courses later. This is a tutorial on how to create an "VT Homepage" link in your Blackboard (Bb) course. This link enables you to go to your VT storage and record or create your mini-lecture or presentation videos.

VoiceThread is integrated into Bb. It works best on Google Chrome and Firefox.

  1. Go to a content area page in your Bb course.
  2. Click "Build Content" > "York VoiceThread".
    Adding VoiceThread in Bb course
  3. On the Create VoiceThread screen, type in an appropriate name such as "VT Home" and description/instruction.
  4. Click No for "Enable Evaluation".
  5. This link should be unavailable to students. Click No for "Permit Users to View this Content," then "Submit".
    Click No to Evaluation and Permission for students to view content
  6. Click on the newly created VoiceThread link.
  7. Under "Choose an activity type" page, click on "VT Homepage".
    VT Homepage button
  8. Click on your course menu link to return to your content page (in this example, it is the "Course Materials" page) where you added the VT Home link.

    From VT home going back to Bb course page

From now on, you can access your VT home page with all your videos, lectures and presentations from this link.

Note: The course menu link is always located on the right of the Course Title in Bb, no matter what you call it.

Click Course Menu link next to the course title to return

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