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Teaching@York Peek Week November 12-16, 2018

Information about Teaching@York Peek Week third edition 11/12/18 - 11/16/18.

What is it?

CTLET's Teaching@York Peek Week initiative gives faculty the opportunity to attend colleagues’ classes--face-to-face or online-- and to experience the joy of learning or to share the joy of teaching. Tuition-free!

I thought that this experience was wonderfully inspiring.  I particularly enjoyed the exercise of a close, critical analysis of piece of popular culture to augment the larger in-class lecture on Black feminism.  I hope that the guests in my class felt the same way.  I hope that Peek Week becomes a tradition at York College and I hope that when I retire, I can tell my younger colleagues that I was there at its inception!

Dr. George White, Jr, Teaching@York Peek Week Spring 2018

I was very grateful to have the opportunity to visit someone's classroom, observe an experienced lecturer at work, and think this a brilliant initiative!  Many thanks to all of the willing participants who opened their classrooms up for visits.  I sat in on a lecture on Mendelian Genetics offered by Dr. Arsov and was treated to an accessible introduction to the basic tenets of inheritance based on Gregor Mendel's very methodical experiments.  It was a welcome opportunity to reflect on teaching strategies and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate.  Many thanks for organizing this and for following-up!  

Dr. Melissa Dinsman, Teaching@York Peek Week Spring 2018


What to expect and how to participate

  1. Complete and submit the form below to let us know which class session(s) you want to open, indicating day, time (in the week of November 12-16), and other specifics. 
  2. A couple of days before Peek Week, faculty will receive a list of open classes and will be able to “register.”  
  3. Faculty who opened their class and faculty who registered for classes will receive an email to be connected.
  4. One week after Peek Week participants will have the opportunity to share reflections and ideas about the experience with each other.

To welcome colleagues to a class you are teaching, complete the form Inviting colleagues to a class I am teaching.