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Recording a Meeting on a Local Computer or to Cloud

The information on this page will guide you to make decision on where you want to keep your meeting recordings.

Should you choose to record your meeting on your computer or record to cloud?

  • Record on this Computer: if you mainly want to keep the recording for yourself or want to edit it in a video editing application, choose this option. Afterwards, if you want to share it, you can upload it to YouTube or CUNY Dropbox and then post the link to the video in your course. This is a tutorial on sharing videos using Dropbox.
  • Record to the Cloud: if you want to share the recording right away with your students who miss the class or want to review, choose this option.

Enable the Recording Type

Log in to your CUNY Zoom account. click Settings > Recording. You can always enable both local and cloud recording, and choose one appropriate when you click the Record button in your meeting.

enable local and cloud recording

Start recording

In your meeting, when you click the Record button, you are provided with two choices if you enabled both in the settings, "Record on this Computer" and "Record to the Cloud."  Click the one you want to start the recording.

meeting recording button

Access the recordings

After your meeting is over, you can find the recordings.

  • If you recorded your session on your computer, watch this short video to see where to find the recordings.
  • If you recorded your session to the Cloud, you can find the recording in your Zoom account "Recordings" > "Cloud Recordings" tab.  Share the recording link by copying the link, and then paste it in your Bb course by adding a web link.

Zoom meeting recordings