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Teaching@York Showcase May 16-Vendryes

Dr. Vendryes' submission for our Teaching@York Showcase May 16

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What does Wikipedia have to do with education? Honestly, it is the bane of my existence as an art historian who teaches, where students get that quick fix of an information and don't even bother to look and see if it's right. I'll tell you, I have changed my mind- not only is it necessary for our students to understand how Wikipedia works and how it can work for them and how it might not be working for them. That is very important to change their minds about what Wikipedia does. I use Wikipedia in my classroom last semester for my African-American art history class and I had students writing about the works of art that are right here on campus done by very well-known and very important African-American artists and there was no notation whatsoever on their Wikipedia pages about these amazing works that are right here on York's campus. My students became deeply engaged because this was part of their life and they had an opportunity to change that and to connect York to these objects and connect these artists to York College and it ended up being an amazingly popular work of art for them. They wrote for these artists with a passion that didn't exist if I was the only one that was going to read their papers. This was something that was out in the public, something that anyone would be able to read and they were very proud of themselves in the end and very proud of that connection to York College. So Wikipedia has its place in the classroom. I would suggest that it just takes a change of mind- to figure out how it can work for you in the classroom. I still don't want them to cite Wikipedia. It still is a moving target, but having them engage with what can be done inside of Wikipedia is almost magical.