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Teams Meeting Controls

On this page you will find the actions you can perform in your Teams meetings.

After you join a Teams meeting, a control bar will appear where you can perform various actions by clicking on different icons on the control bar.  Depending on the device you use, and whether you join the meeting on a web page or Teams app, the order of the icons may be different. Most of them are self-explanatory.  But if you are not sure, below you can find detailed information. 

Teams meeting control bar


Click the Participants icon to view a list of participants. In addition, you can click "Share invite" to copy the meeting link and send it to people to join your meeting. This is useful if your students can't find the link to join after the meeting starts. You can quickly send them the meeting link.

Share meeting link in Teams

Breakout Rooms

"Breakout Rooms" enable you to engage students in working in groups during your class meetings. If you want to learn how to use "Breakout Rooms," check out the tutorial on Use breakout rooms in Teams Meetings.

Share Content

"Share Content" icon enables you to share your desktop screen, any browser windows opened on your computer, whiteboard, and PowerPoint files. For more detailed information, check out this Share content in a meeting in Teams page.

Live Captions and Recording

If you click the 3-dot icon for more actions, the screenshot below is what you will see.

  • Click "Turn on live captions" to enable close captioning, this feature is only accessible on Teams app. It is not available if you join a Teams meeting on a web browser.
  • Click "Start recording" to record your meeting session. If you want to stop recording, come back to this 3-dot panel again to click "Stop recording."

access more actions