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Curriculum Outline and Affiliations

Curriculum outline and affiliations for the Physician Assistant program at York College.

Didactic Phase

Fall Semester (#1)
Course #
Introduction to ePortfolio/ Orientation (Hybrid)HPPA 5001
Clinical Anatomy(2hrs lecture/2hrs recitation/ 1hr laboratory)HPPA 5043
Applied Medical SciencesHPPA 5063
Interviewing and counselingHPPA 5081
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention(Hybrid)HPPA 5122
Pharmacology I (2hrs lecture/1hr recitation)HPPA 5202
Clinical Medicine I (3hrs lecture/3hrs recitation)HPPA 5283
Diagnostic Studies (1hr lecture/1hr recitation/1hr.laboratory)HPPA 5341
Total Semester Credits/Hours

PA Profession(Hybrid)

Winter Semester (#2)                                                                    Course #   Credits
PA Profession(Hybrid)
                                                                   HPPA 510       2

Total Semester Credits/Hours                                                                                          2 
Spring Semester (#3)         Course #
Physical Diagnosis I (2hrs lecture/3hrs laboratory)         HPPA 502
Pathophysiology         HPPA 524
Pediatrics         HPPA 526
Surgery         HPPA 532
Pharmacology II         HPPA 536
Obstetrics/Gynecology         HPPA 538
Clinical Medicine II (2hrs lecture/2hrs recitation)         HPPA 542
Total Semester Credits/Hours

Summer Semester (#4)                                                                                  Course #Credits
Biomedical Ethics (Hybrid)                                                                                HPPA 5142
Public Health (Hybrid)                                                                                      HPPA 5162
Health Policy (Hybrid)                                                                                      HPPA 5182
Clinical Correlation Seminar I (2 hrs lab)                                                           HPPA 5401
Psychiatry                                                                                                      HPPA 5502
Total Semester Credits/Hours9
Fall Semester (#5)Course #Credits
Physical Diagnosis II (2hrs lecture/3hrs laboratory)HPPA 522 3
Evidence-Based Medicine and Health Informatics(Hybrid)HPPA 530 2
Primary CareHPPA 544 3
Clinical Medicine III (2hrs lecture/2hrs recitation)HPPA 546 2
Pharmacology IIIHPPA 548 3
Clinical Correlation Seminar II (2 hrs lab)HPPA 552 1
Emergency MedicineHPPA 554 3
Clinical SkillsHPPA 556 1
Total Semester Credits/Hours

Clinical Phase

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall Semesters (#6,7,8,9)Course #Credits
PA- Portfolio I (Online)HPPA 6002
PA- Portfolio II (Online)HPPA 6102
PA- Portfolio III (Online)HPPA 6202
Surgery Clinical RotationHPPA 6502
Internal Medicine Clinical RotationHPPA 6522
Pediatric Medicine Clinical RotationHPPA 6542
Emergency Medicine Clinical RotationHPPA 6562
Long-Term Care Clinical RotationHPPA 6582
Psychiatry Clinical rotationHPPA 6602
Obstetrics/Gynecology Clinical RotationHPPA 6622
Ambulatory Care Clinical RotationHPPA 6642
Family Practice Clinical RotationHPPA 6682
Total Clinical Year Credits
Total Program Credits

Physician Assistant Program Affiliations

                               Major Hospitals/Facilities:

  • Elmhurst Hospital Center, Elmhurst, NY
  • Gouverneur Hospital, New York, NY
  • Metropolitan Hospital, New York, NY
  • New York Hospital Queens, Flushing, NY
  • Northshore University Hospital, Manhasset, NY
  • Woodhull Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
  • Staten Island University Hospital, Staten Island, NY
  • St. Albans Veteran Administration Hospital, St. Albans, NY
  • St. Francis Hospital, The Heart Center, Roslyn, NY
  • Queens Hospital Center, Jamaica, NY


  • Amazing Medical Services, Jamaica, NY
  • Centers Urgent Care, Middle Village, NY
  • CitiMed JFK, NY
  • Dr. Hurwitz, Flushing, NY
  • Dr. Nicasio Arana, Jamaica, NY
  • Far Rockaway Family Practice, Far Rockaway, NY
  • Mindful Urgent Care, West Hempstead, NY
  • Premiere Pediatrics of New York, Staten Island, NY
  • SSS Family Medicine, Jamaica, NY
  • Statcare, Astoria/Jackson Heights/Hicksville/Brooklyn

                            Examples of sites we are not using:

  • Far Rockaway Nursing Center 
  • Dr. Difranco, Ozone Park, NY
  • Brookdale Hospital
  • Margaret Tietz Nursing & Rehabilitation Center