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Worker’s Compensation

Reporting Work Related Injuries and Accidents

The New York City Law Department, Workers’ Compensation Division, serves as the Workers’ Compensation insurance carrier to The City University of New York (CUNY), and processes all claims of injury due to work accidents. All full-time and part-time CUNY employees paid by tax-levy funding are insured and are provided benefits under workers’ compensation in the event of a job related injury. Benefits may include medical expense coverage, permanent and partial disability benefits, and time restoration.

The Office of Human Resource Services is required to report notification of injuries or accidents within ten (10) days of occurrence. In the event of an accident or injury, the following procedures should be followed:

Notify Campus Security at 718.262.2222 to report your injury or accident and request medical assistance if needed.

The employee should notify his/her supervisor as soon as possible.

The employee should request the appropriate forms, complete in their entirety, and return the completed forms to the Office of Human Resources.

In the event the employee is unable to return to the college to either pick up the forms or drop them off, the employee should contact the college’s Workers’ Compensation Administrator at 718.262.2135.

In order to process your work related injury claim, the New York City Law Department Workers’ Compensation Division must receive the following forms and any supporting medical documents:

Employee’s Notice of Injury (WCD-23) and Election of Option (DP2002) forms should be completed by the employee. You must select Option #1 or #2 on the Election of Option form if you will be incapacitated for more than seven (7) consecutive work days.


Supervisor’s report of Injury (WCD-201) should be completed by the employee’s supervisor regardless if they witnessed the injury.


Witness Report of Injury (WCD-26) should be returned to the employee and submitted to HR within 48 hours of the injury.

Absence from work due to an on-the job injury or illness is considered to be a serious health condition for the purposes of applying for Family and Medical Leave. If the employee is eligible for and entitled to Family and Medical Leave, the time away from work (up to 12 work weeks) will be credited to the employee's Family and Medical Leave entitlement.

Upon receipt of all completed forms, the Office of Human Resource Services will forward the employee’s forms, along with the required college forms, to the NYC Law Department’s Workers’ Compensation Division where a decision will be rendered as to the compensability of the claim.

Additionally, if you are aware of any hazardous conditions around campus, please notify Campus Security and Buildings & Grounds immediately.

Thank you.

*If you require medical treatment, it is important to let your medical provider and/or hospital know that your injury is work related. You should not provide your personal medical coverage information (i.e. GHI, BlueCross, Aetna, etc).


Please note that although we are unable to accommodate walk-in service at this time, we are prepared to serve your needs via phone, and by appointment via ZOOM and in-person.

  • If you were newly hired during the time of full remote work, you will be required to present your identification documents in person in order to maintain employment. We will be in contact to schedule a time to do so;
  • Onboarding for all new hires will be by appointment. The appropriate HR team member will be in touch to schedule;
  • Documents can still be uploaded to our Secure Document Portal (recommended).

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