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An Invitation to our annual York College Foundation Event A Virtual Mosaic. Elena Borstein will be honored as this year's Professor Emeritus. Thomas J. Grech will be celebrated as our 1st Annual Foundation Board Honoree.
The Reverends Floyd H. and Margaret M. Flake, Co-pastors of Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral of New York, will be recognized as Community Pioneers, with this new award created especially for them. F. Carlisle Towery and Susan Deutsch, will be receiving our 1st ever York Legends Award. May 1, 2021 Festivities start at 6:30pm

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  • Upload Your Vaccine Info!

    How can I protect my classes?

  • GenCyber Teacher Training Cybersecurity Academy at York College

    In 2021, York College CUNY was awarded the GenCyber Program of $150,000.

  • York Bio Major Goes to Medical School in Atlanta

    York College is on a roll with its current graduates getting into medical schools.

  • From the Margin: Voices in Disobedience - Desde el Margen: Voces en Desobediencia

    Working toward a more connected and communal oriented pedagogy Series II.(Hacia Una Pedagogia Vincular y Comunitaria Serie II) Highlights the work of Latin American women, who are cultural activists.

  • Upload Your Vaccine Info!

    How can I protect my classes?

  • Prof. Hughes' work acknowledged in NYT story

    York College Professor William "Bill" Hughes Hughes' work has been acknowledged in The New York Times' story about wrongful convictions.

  • York Salutatorian: a Renaissance Woman for the 21st Century

    Alvina Junaid, a Social Work major minoring in Psychology, has been selected salutatorian of the Class of 2022.

  • Ensuring Success in the PSC-CUNY Grant Process

    The UrbanHealth Lab presents its weekly Wednesdays' seminar with this week Semi-Structured Discussion on PSC-CUNY grant proposal process.

  • Prof. Jennifer Brite's Research Cited by the Chancellor

    Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Brite, whose research has been cited in the chancellor's latest column!

  • York Biology Grad Heads to Medical School

    Ashmini Ramnauth is an immigrant, who transferred from the University of Guyana to York College and is now going to medical school.

  • The Effect of COVID-19 in a Diverse Sample of US Adults

    Dr. Nicholas Grosskopf presents "Exploring Relations among COVID-19 Vaccination Status, Perceived Severity of COVID-19, Consumption of Online Sexually Explicit Material, and Social-Sexual Activities in a Diverse Sample of US Adults".

  • Russia's War Against Ukraine: What’s Going On?

    A recent York forum explained Russia's war against Ukraine

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