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York College HPE Computer Lab

Welcome to the York College HPE Computer Lab. Read information on this page carefully in order to check-in and check-out properly. This form takes the place of a paper sign-in method and is not considered an online check-in. Any response or actions required will only be handled during normal business hours.

This check-in / check-out kiosk is for all students who use the HPE Lab. Please follow the rules below:

  • Do not bring food into the lab
  • Only use the lab computers for school work
  • Check-in using this kiosk and be aware of your check-in confirmation email which will have your reference check-in ticket number
  • You will need your check-in reference ticket number in order to check out so please check your email for the reference number
  • If you do not properly check-out you will not be credited for lab time. If you have difficulty please contact the lab support personnel



 Click below in order to check-in to the lab

Check-In Page


Click below In order to check-out of the lab

Check-Out Page