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Android Passcode Setting

Use the instructions below to configure your passcode settings

Tap the menu button from the home screen, then choose Settings>Security>Screen lock. (Navigation may vary slightly from phone to phone.)

Depending on the model of Android you are using you may have a variety of security options. For purposes of securing the phone a lock screen with number of times before the phone becomes disabled is what you should set.

For this go to Lock Screen under Settings and use the Screen Lock and set a password instead of a pin. A password is more secure. After this go to the "Lock automatically" option which will allow you to set the timing of how long before your screen goes into lock mode. Do not set this too high or the password will be meaningless due to the amount of time someone has to enter the phone and update this setting should they find it and not intend to return it to its owner.

If your phone is a BlackBerry it will be on our Exchange system an have it's own security policies, so some of these options may be mandatory, or you might not be able to set the lock time, so check with IT. For help with this contact our Service Desk at ext. 5311.