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March 15, 2020

A Message to the York College Community

To the York College Community,

I write with profound thanks and gratitude to the York College Community. Your dedication and service to our students during this challenging time is remarkable. I am proud to be the Interim President at a campus that has risen to the occasion while managing multiple priorities during this health emergency. 

These are difficult and trying times. You are probably aware that the NYC school system has closed until at least April 20th. You may have seen the Chancellor’s CUNY Alert this evening.  Essential staff have been contacted and everyone else should remain off campus until you receive further direction.  

The Campus will remain open with minimal in person interactions. We have been instructed to have a telecommuting plan spelled out as soon as possible. Earlier this evening, the executive staff continued to work through the structures that will enable employees to do their jobs remotely. We will be implementing remote check-in plans, and all employees should be receiving details about their work schedules and other expectations of job performance for the duration of this arrangement. It is our goal to have these plans in place by Tuesday. We will be working closely with staff who are not able to remotely perform work to practice social distancing and rotating schedules. 

Our distance learning transition is moving along nicely with faculty engaging with each other and our Center for Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies, as well as Academic Affairs. IT Support will be available on site vía essential staff as well as remotely. YConnect is active and our support line (718) 262-5311 will be available as usual by March 19th.

In addition, we have been instructed to practice to social distancing, and the plans described above, once released this week, will maximize our ability to comply with this directive while maintaining the College's essential services to our students. Our Performing Arts Center will also close until further notice and other large events have been cancelled. 

I will continue to update the community by email and social media. The news and updates are changing by the minute. I thank you for your commitment and concern. Together, we are One York.

Dr. Berenecea J. Eanes, Interim President

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