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Fall 2020

July 29, 2020

Dear Members of the York College Community:

On July 19, the CUNY Board of Trustees approved a resolution that gives us flexibility in making decisions and planning for the Fall 2020 semester as CUNY reopens. I want the York College community to know that we continue to take the health and safety of every member as our most sacred priority. As such, our fall semester will again be primarily an online model. Following the guidance and directions given to us, the York College Reopening Committee is proposing a Fall 2020 schedule that is roughly 90% distance learning delivery with a combination of modes (synchronous and asynchronous) and 10% hybrid where a few selected lab classes will be held in-person. These are for labs that are mandated for accreditation or that require hands-on activities for which there are no virtual substitutes. These hybrid courses include primarily skill and competency labs in the professional programs (such as clinical lab sciences, nursing, occupational therapy, and physician assistant) and a limited number of biology labs. Additionally, there are faculty engaged in their ongoing research.

We expect that most staff will continue telecommuting in the Fall, except for those limited staff necessary for the 10% hybrid instruction described above. If your presence on campus is required, given the nature of your position, you will be required to complete Return to Work training that has been mandated by New York State, before reporting to campus. Everyone entering the campus will be screened daily for clearance to come onto campus and required to observe all Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines such as masks and social distance requirements. The College will provide the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for these meetings as needed.

Members of the College’s reopening committee have been working diligently to ensure the health and safety of our community. The committee membership includes:

  • Berenecea Johnson Eanes (President; Committee Chair)
  • Linda R. Barley (Health and Human Performance)
  • Maureen Becker (Academic Affairs)
  • Ching See Chan (Environmental Health)
  • Sabrina Johnson Chandler (Human Resources)
  • Donna Chirico (Academic Affairs)
  • Charlene Dertinger (Child and Family Center)
  • Jonathan Hall (English)
  • Lori Hoeffner (Institutional Effectiveness)
  • Fenio Annansingh-Jamieson (Business and Economics)
  • Claudio Lindow (IT; Campus Reopening Coordinator)
  • Rufus Massiah (Public Safety)
  • Panayiotis Meleties (Academic Affairs)
  • Russell Platzek (Legal Affairs)
  • Alex Rodriguez (Facilities)
  • Scott Sheidlower (PSC)
  • Earl Simons (External and Community Relations)
  • Dana Trimboli (Chief of Staff; COVID Liaison)
  • Renee Wright (Nursing)
  • La Toro Yates (Student Affairs/Enrollment Management)
  • Faculty Caucus Representative (To be determined)

We ask that all members who are required to be on campus follow all protocols put in place by the Department of Public Safety and the University. We also ask for your full cooperation and patience with those who are responsible for the screening process, and we encourage you to give yourself extra time to get screened before you enter the building.

Please continue to take care of yourselves so that we can all be back together on campus when it is considered safe to do so. Consultations with various stakeholder groups will take place during the week of August 3 – 6.

Be well.

Berenecea Johnson Eanes, President

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