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Two of Professor Larry Tung's Documentaries to be Featured in Upcoming Film Festivals

Larry tung at the ACV (asian cinevision)
Professor Larry Tung describes his two documentary shorts that can be viewed in upcoming film festivals.

Professor Larry Tung is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and journalist in New York City. He is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Performing and Fine Arts at York College and teaches courses in Speech Communication and Communications Technology.

Professor Tung has two documentary shorts, "A Big Fat Taiwanese Same-Sex Wedding Banquet;" and "Double Dads and One Queer Teen: My Rainbow Family," which are going to be screened in two festivals in June and July. Both festivals are running online this year:

"A Big Fat Taiwanese Same-Sex Wedding Banquet"

Screenshot of Big Fat Taiwanese Same Sex Wedding.

In celebration of becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage, Taiwan threw a big wedding banquet in front of its Presidential Office Building in Taipei. About 20 couples participated in the mass wedding officiated by a lesbian film director. The banquet featured traditional Taiwanese food, drag shows, and other performances that marked the biggest victory in Taiwan's LGBT movement. A Big Fat Taiwanese Same-Sex Wedding Banquet is going to screen at the Houston Asian American Film Festival on June 8. Please visit its website for more information:

"Double Dads and One Queer Teen: My Rainbow Family"

Screenshot Of  Double Dads and One Queen Teen

“Double Dads and One Queer Teen” is a short documentary about a multicultural and gender nonconforming family. Met through a newspaper personal ad in 1995, the two dads, one from Taiwan and the other one from suburban Chicago, formed a life partnership and had a baby through surrogacy with the help from a sister in 2003. The child, now a teenager, considers themselves pansexual. The film brings together different perspectives from all parties involved. It is a heartwarming and brave story that is inspirational for all families.

Both films are going to screen at Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival (July 22-30) in India.

Visit for more information. 

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