Pasta 101 At York

A group of York College students recently rolled up their sleeves and learned how to make their own fresh Pasta from scratch -- right at the college.

"'Artisanal' and 'fresh' are the big words in food these days and the question is 'Can home cooking help provide a healthier way of eating?' said Dr. Samuel Ghelli, a professor in the Department of Foreign Languages, ESL and Humanities. "'Can home cooking make us more conscientious and responsible eaters? Probably yes!"

Dr. Ghelli added that to prepare meals at home is a rewarding and enjoyable experience as well as a practical exercise, because of the savings of eating at home compared to going out to restaurants.

The tasty event was organized by The Italian Studies Program and hosted by Dr. Ghelli, an expert in Italian and World Literature and who is originally from Italy.

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