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Scholarship Program Recipient Shaquille Profitt

Congratulations, Shaquille Profitt, for being selected to attend the Prestigious Scholarship Program with The Institute of Responsible Citizenship.

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Shaquille Profitt is a Student Ambassador of Thurgood Marshall College Fund and English/Pre-Law Studies Major. The busy scholar is thankful to the mentors along his York journey. "I was so overwhelmed by the news and feel a sense of profound gratitude that I am among the 14 Black men selected to the Institute for Responsible Citizenship this year," he says. Way to go Shaquille!

"I am standing on the shoulders of giants—to all who helped me along the way: by encouraging family, friends, and the York College community. But I am emphatically in debt to Dr Anthony Andrews and Professor Mehrunnisa Wani, who has been supportive of me throughout my time at York College. I thank them for their goodwill and mentorship.
I look forward to interning in Washington D.C. and to continue growing and engaging with a cohort of extraordinary and a coterie of brilliant scholars from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. This is an amazing opportunity to refine my research interests as both a scholar and an advocate of justice. To be a part of this prestigious program is a kind of self-discovery for me—the fact that I get this terrific opportunity bears mention, and I would like to use this opportunity to intern at some of the most storied buildings in this fine Nation and make as many connections as I can. I am interested in probing the question of what makes good policy—and prosecution to fix our broken Criminal Justice System that seems to work for those at the top of the economic ladder. I am using this opportunity to learn the idiosyncrasies of our government and federal judiciary—in hopes that one day, I serve as the people’s lawyer or the people’s judge to ensure that people’s rights are not arbitrarily and capriciously sidestepped.

Finally, being the first CUNY (City University of New York) and York College student to accept this prestigious internship should stand as precedent for other black men. Because I am the first, should not mean the last. And those who are reading this, know that you are just as capable—just as talented—just as inquisitive to achieve greatness. Through handwork, persistency, and grit, rest assured, you will accomplish a great many things."

Shaquille Profitt

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