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Strategic Enrollment Management Committee

Dear Members of the York College Community,

As I have stated since I arrived at York, I am committed to building the institutional culture: to one that is collaborative and transparent; where shared governance and trust are the norm; where data serves as our compass; where support for student success is paramount.

Today, I will share with you the work of one aspect of that endeavor, the Strategic Enrollment Management Committee. Its charge is:

Work to identify strategic initiatives for purposes of improving enrollment, retention, graduation rates, and the student experience

Attached for your information is the charge to the committee, the charges to each of the working groups, and a list of its members. The work of this Committee directly supports the College’s strategic plan. For example,

  • Working group 1 Starting Out Right specifically addresses the One York goal of student success and its objectives to identify opportunities to streamline processes from enrollment through graduation, offer intensive guidance to students in their first eight weeks, and facilitate student access to scholarships and work-study.
  • Working group 2 Data as Our Compass will address One York’s goal of academic excellence, and its objectives to systematize college-wide continuous improvement using assessment findings and build an infrastructure to support student workforce preparedness connected to areas of study.
  • Working group 3 Destination York encompasses multiple York goals as it seeks to identify opportunities for branding, advertising, and recruitment. The College’s Annual Operational Plan/Performance Management Process details some of the Committee’s activities this academic year.

We must work together to improve the student experience, increase student success outcomes, and ensure students have access to the very best that we can offer. The Strategic Enrollment Management Committee will help direct our efforts to achieve our stated goals.

Be well.

Berenecea Johnson Eanes, President

Strategic Enrollment Management Committee

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