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York College Professor Scores Prestigious Award…Again

Dr. Vadim Moldovan was recently awarded a second Fulbright Fellowship to continue his scholarly and humanitarian work in the Republic of Moldova.

Dr. Vadim Moldovan, associate professor of Social Work at York College, was recently awarded a second Fulbright Fellowship to continue his scholarly and humanitarian work in the Republic of Moldova.

Dr. Moldovan, along with faculty colleagues at York College, had been taking a growing number of York and other CUNY Social Work students to Moldova for several years when he extended it to include History majors as well. In the summer of 2017, he took nine students from York and in summer 2018 about a dozen accompanied him on the scholarly jaunt.

Social Work students invariably return to campus enthusiastic about the enhanced clinical experience the study abroad program in Moldova provides, which they say would take years to gain at home. In Moldova, [York’s] students have said, the experience is “super hands-on” giving them access to the orphanages and prisons, vital for aspiring social workers’ experience.

Asked what he intends to do with this rare, second Fulbright Award, Professor Moldovan was decisive in his intentions.

“The Fulbright Scholar Award will be utilized to investigate and promote best practices for social work reform in Eastern Europe on the platform of a long-standing and productive relationship between York College and the Free International University of Moldova,” he explained. “The objectives include a revision of social work curricula as well as activities related to social work professionalization, legitimization, and practice - in urban and rural areas.”

According to Dr. Panayiotis Meleties, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs at York College, this second Fulbright Award benefits students and York’s reputation.

“Prof. Moldovan is a dedicated scholar and York Faculty member,” said Dr. Meleties. “With this second Fulbright award, he earns recognition and support for his continued work to enhance the experience of students and expand the international partnerships of the social work programs and disseminate best practices in the field, in improving human life.”

Indeed, Dr. Moldovan has said as much.

“As before, the Fulbright experience will enrich social work pedagogies, curriculum innovation, and program development at York College,” said the dedicated professor and native of the Republic of Moldova. 

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