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SEQB20 Artists: Jacqueline Herranz-Brooks

Richmond Hill

Jacqueline Herranz-Brooks is an interdisciplinary artist and author, blending documentary photography, soundscape, interpretation, and urban interventions in multimedia installations. She has published several works of autofiction where she explores the fictionalization of memory, including Liquid Days (Argentina, 1997), Escenas para Turistas (New York, 2003), Mujeres sin Trama (New York, 2011), and Viaje en Almendrón (installation book, 2015). Born and raised in Cuba, she is based in Queens, New York where she is an Adjunct Lecturer at York College, CUNY.

York Gallery

Contested Territory: Poesía Repatriada
street poetry documented w/ photographs, color photograph, artist’s book, printed takeaways.

Artist statement:

"An urban-intervention, Contested Territory is a street poetry project centered around the Cuban repatriation process I undertook, at my mother's request, beginning in the summer of 2018. Poesía Repatriada consists of my “repatriating” two poems I wrote in my present home in Queens, NY to Havana (my birthplace and home until 1999) and pasting them in abandoned places that are integral to my memories of being a queer, homeless artist in Havana during the late 1990s. Each intervention questions ownership of space and my efforts to claim them"

The installation includes a printed takeaway of Poesía Repatriada (poema #1: silla),

English translation:

and in the reality of here, in the reality of now, in the reality from where I write, the light of day emerges. and when I look around the room, I feel afraid. I was dancing and sitting in this chair at the same time, silent and wondering how I came to bury myself before this glass screen, why the outside turns inside, why the chorus keeps singing: so let’s find our way out of this rut and move forward.

Apagones Series / Blackout Series. Reading #1. Espectros

projection, sound, paperback novel, framed color photograph

Artist statement:

Spectra is the first in a series of readings presented by a disembodied voice. The idea for this series began with a conversation with my friend and colleague Alejandro Aragón and became, for me, an exploration of the evocative power of sound. The text read is about the encounter of two lovers interrupted by the arrival of the police at the cabin where they have locked themselves up for a romantic weekend in Camarioca. Before opening the door, they try to straighten the room they have in disarray for their erotic scenario and try to get rid of the objects that may implicate them. The officers have come to the room to take the lovers to the Police station.

Sound composition: Riccardo Massari Spiritini (Aurali, side B)
Reader: Jacqueline Herranz-Brooks (Segment of Mujeres sin Trama)

JCAL's Miller Gallery

Poemas de la Silla del Toilet

color photograph, artist books

Artist statement:

Poesía Basura / Trash Poetry is a poetry project I began in 2014, guided by my desire to explore other platforms for my writing. The project started with poems I wrote directly on objects my Queens neighbors, pushed out by escalating rents, abandoned on the street. I continue to develop Poesía Basura by writing on various surfaces and discarded objects in the places I pass through.