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Fall 2021 Theatre Courses

Find classes in dance, musical theatre, set production, acting, costume design, and more. Take a look around and don't miss the show!

All classes welcome students from every discipline.


TA 107 - Introduction to Costume Design & Fashion - ONLINE

(3hr / 3cr) Emphasizing the design process from concept and research to final garments, students will conduct visual and trend research, explore various methods of rendering and revision, and present a fully developed term design project suitable for inclusion in a portfolio.

  • M3 (19364):    Mo 6:00 - 8:50pm 


TA 110 - Introduction to the Theatre - ONLINE

(3hr / 3cr) The application of analysis to concepts of lighting, costuming, scene design, and performance. At the end of the semester students participate in a short class production.    [Flexible Core: Creative Expression]

  • DE (19366):  M/W 12:30 - 1:45pm (Dr. Janice Capuana)
  • E (19419): M/W 2:00 - 3:15pm (Dr. Janice Capuana)
  • O (19365) Th 10:45 - 12:00pm (Dr. M. Duffy)


TA 211 - Basic Acting - ONLINE

(4 hr / 3 cr) Fun and challenging.  No one too inexperienced or too advanced to go back to the basics!  Learn the craft of truthful acting with emphasis on scene analysis, spontaneity, and physical and vocal relaxation.  Prepared scenes and improvisations. 

  • Section BC (19367):  MoWe 12:00 - 1:50pm (Marion)


TA 215 - Studies in Theatre Practice - HYBRID 

(3 cr) Learn about set construction, scenic painting, stage lighting, costuming, or other aspects of theatre without getting your hands dirty!    Preq: Permission of instructor. 


TA 390 - Special Studies (African-American Theatre Performance History) - ONLINE

(3 hr / 3 cr)  A stirring survey and analysis of the powerful yet little know names, events, and major influences of African-American theatrical playwrights, actors, designers, composers and producers that have and continue to brighten and prod the boundaries of the American stage.

TBA (50191)  Special Studies Seminar III