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Self Study Steering Committee

Membership of the Executive Committee

In January 2015, the process to establish the self-study steering committee began.  The members of the steering committee were selected with a variety of criteria in mind: ethnicity and gender balance, representation by areas of the college, prior experience with self study and/or the periodic review report; as well as inclusion of individuals new to the accreditation process.  Following some turnover during the fall semester 2015, the members of the current steering committee were designated as follows:

  • Gerard McNeil, Professor, Department of Biology, Co-Chair
  • Mary Osborne, Excutive Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Co-Chair
  • Linda Barley, Professor, Department of Health and Physical Educaiton
  • Debra Swoboda, Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences
  • Vincent Banrey, Interim Dean, Office of Student Development
  • Donna Chirico, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
  • Cynthia Haller, Professor, Department of English
  • Ismael Perez, Assistant Vice President for Planning & Budget, Office of Administrative Affairs
  • Margaret Ballantyne, Professor, Deparment of Foriegn Languages, ESL & Humanities
  • Richard Stuckhardt, Assistant Director, Office of Institutional Research 

President Keizs acts as an ex officio member of the steering committee.