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Junior Mathematics, Science and Humanities Symposium

2022 Winners LI Region JSHS

Congratulations to all LI Region JSHS 2022 participants in the JSHS Regional Semifinal Symposium on Sunday, February 6, 2022.

Winners of the Sunday, February 6, 2022, Symposium Presentations:

The first-place winners of each category are the finalists from each area. If needed, the ones with the highest average from the remaining 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners are designated to complete the finalist group.

LI Region JSHS 2022

First Name Last Name Placement

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Dara Neumann First Place Winner
Natasha Kulviwat Second Place Winner
Rena Chen Third Place Winner
Jacob Leshnower Third Place Winner
Olivia Schmidt Third Place Winner 

Biological and Biomedical Sciences 

Christopher Luisi First Place Winner
Amanda Ferrante Second Place Winner
Andrew Lee Third Place Winner

Chemical Sciences

Alaina Lin First Place Winner
Samuel Jacobson Second Place Winner
Cathrine Sakin Third Place Winner

Computer Sciences 

Keira Talty First Place Winner
William Zhang Second Place Winner 


Third Place Winner 



Earth and Space Sciences

Dylan D'Agate First Place Winner
Rebecca Cho Second Place Winner
Samuel Park Third Place Winner

Engineering Sciences

Kevin Taylor First Place Winner
Lindsay Fabricant Second Place Winner
Benjamin Sherman Third Place Winner
Allison Zhang Third Place Winner

Environmental Sciences

Prableen Kaur First Place Winner
Aurrel Bhatia Second Place Winner
Rachel Lee Second Place Winner
Emily Kim Third Place Winner


Neal Carpino First Place Winner
Daniel Salkinder Second Place Winner
Arabella Pompay Third Place Winner


Jennifer Zhu First Place Winner
Alice Wang Second Place Winner
Chloe Andersen Third Place Winner