Login Instructions

How to login to the computers.

In order to login to any computer lab, you must have an account with CUNY.

When you pay for your tuition, an account is created for you within two weeks prior to the first class.

To login, you must follow the following instructions below.

User Name: first letter of your first name then your full last name (make sure there is no space at the beginning or at any places).

Password: month day year and last four digits of your social security number (mm/dd/yyyy/ssss without space or slashes).

For some students, if the password above doesn't work then try your last five digits of your social security number. If all fails then please go to AC-2E03 helpdesk or call 718-262-5300 and helpdesk will take care of all your account needs.


Example: Jhon Doe with the date of birth Fed 12 1990 and with social security number 123-45-6789 will enter the following the below:

User Name: jdoe
Password: 021219906789