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SGA Election

Elections Period Monday, April 25 - Friday, April 29
Your Voice Matters!

All voting is online. Please check your email.


Departmental Senators

Behavioral Sciences 

Earth and Physical Sciences

  • Justin Ramdeen
    My name is Justin Ramdeen, I'm currently an Environmental Health Science major and it will be my honor to serve the members of this community. Students should vote for me, because a unique quality I display is an outward looking view trying to see things from the perspective of others. I work hard to keep a positive and happy demeanor even when I am working through challenges. Rather than continue looking at the bad I try and focus on the positive. My greatest leadership strength is being visionary and I think this is important because you need to know what you would like to see accomplished. I believe things get done when people have a vision and set goals to work toward. Other strengths, I have, are that I look for the good in people and am able to have fun and help others have fun while we are working towards our goals.

Performing and Fine Arts 

  • Guamacice Delice 
    To work in the common interest, what a noble task! What could be more noble to put aside one's ego to work with others for others, the majority! Does not one become a better person by prioritize general interest over one's own?  This is not that easy as positions often diverge, but with self-transcendence we will get the job done for York community.  But before I ask for your vote I want to know your expectation and needs. Please, talk to me. Certainly I know some of your needs as we share the same environment at York, but we each have specific expectance. Tell me about yours!




Behavioral Sciences 

  • Mark Ogbuehi
  • Isabelle Petersen
    As a Pre-Law minor and human rights activist, I believe all students deserve to be heard and supported in their educational pursuits. York Students should feel confident in their teachers and administration and know that their voices and feedback are being respected and taken seriously. Vote for me, because students need their own voice to be heard loud and clear !
  • Juniel Farquharson

Health Sciences 

  • Shaila Khandaker
    My name is Shaila Khandaker and I am a lower my senior at CUNY York college. My major is Health Science. I grew up here in Bangladesh so I am very passionate about the local community and this College. The reason I am running for a senate seat is because I would like to bridge the gap between the students and SGA here at CUNY York college. After my exposure to how SGA works here, I have noticed that some students feel their voices are not heard and their concerns are not always addressed. I would like to make sure that every student has the opportunity to have their voices heard so that they can thrive as students. I will strive to remind students weekly about how to get in contact with the Senators of their respective colleges and discuss with them what kind of changes we can implement to better their experience at the college.

  • Osayuwamen Iyase
    My name is Osayuwamen Iyase, I am a junior and my major is community health education. I choose to run for the student government association for two reasons; to give student the attention they need, and to create a comfortable environment for student to learn, that’s why I am asking for your votes, to give me a chance to serve you my fellow student and to create a support system for us all.
  • Ravindra Shivcharran
  • Nish-Hoa Mullings
    My name is Nish-Hoa Mullings. My major is Health Science. I previously served the York College Student Government Association as a senator and recording secretary in the academic year 2021-2022. I have learned a lot from being a part of the SGA and have gained important life and leadership skills. We worked as student advocates behind the scenes to ensure that every students' needs are met to the best of our ability. We have not achieved all our goals that we had set for this academic year which is why I would appreciate your vote another time to continue where we left off for the York College community. A vote for Nish-Hoa, is a vote for your voices to be heard. Help me to continue making a change by voting for me! 
  • Divad Smith
    Hi, my name is Divad Smith and I am currently a sophomore. Being the president of the anime club has made me realize how important fun and freeing activities are for students. This is why I would like you to vote for me as I will do everything in my power to fight for students to obtain better and more options for fun activities on campus to reduce stress and boost mural. I can also promise you that everything I do will be done for the pleasure and happiness for the students at York. Thank you and go cardinals!!

Business and Information Systems 

Social Work 

  • Yingqing Zhao
    Hello! My name is Yingqing Zhao. I am running for Senator-At-Large. Please vote for me. If elected, I will listen to your ideas, concerns, issues, and needs. I will make sure your voice is heard and discussed with the council/committees. I want to impact the quality of life both academically and socially positively. My goal is to improve students' lives both academically and socially.