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Student Support Services, Student Development

Christopher Todd

Class of 2018

When situations would get tough the TRIO SSS program doors were always open to guide and inform me of what my possible options were enabling me to clearly choose my right path towards graduation. My professors, for the most part, would always be clear in providing me information on what they expected from my classmates and I.

To keep in mind that greatness has no excuses. Join the TRIO SSS program. I am a firm believer in doing what it takes to get the job done, and utilizing the resources accessible to achieve those ends when it is possible. The TRIO SSS program is accessible and will guide you in learning information that you might need to successfully get through the collegiate experience with both their workshops and individual coaching sessions. This program is capable of educating you on anything, from how to manage your time in order to maximize your studies to how to apply for graduate school while closing in on the completion of your undergraduate studies.