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Diana Partap

Success is the best!

My name is Diana Partap and I am a sophomore at York College. I joined the TRiO YES program when I was a freshman. The TRiO Program offers many resources for students, such as one to one tutoring, computer labs, workshops on certain topics and more. I mostly benefited from the computer lab and talking with my counselor. In the computer lab, I was able to get my work done and study for exams. My counselor guides me if I am struggling with my classes and offer advice on how to do better in the future.

I won a Doris Chandler Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1,000 from the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education (AEEE). I went to Puerto Rico in the second semester of my freshman year. My counselor advised me to fill out the application. Due to my hard work and dedication in my classes, I was chosen to represent the TRiO program. The director of the TRIO program, Ms. Theresa Curry, my mother and I went to the banquet in La Concha Resort in Puerto Rico. I realized that sometimes we all do not want to work hard, but hard work pays off.