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Due to the risks associated with large number of student participation under the current threat of Global Pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, we are cancelling the 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Day Event originally scheduled for Thursday April 30, 2020.

Project Mission to Mars: A Discovery Lab Global (DLG) Internship

Discovery Lab Global (DLG) is a not-for-profit entrepreneurial STEM lab for strategic workforce development ... as a collaboration with colleges, companies, and communities.

Dr. Rob Williams, executive director of Discovery Lab Global, is offering current and INCOMING engineering and computer science freshmen an entry level Project-Based Experiential Learning and Industry Networking Internship this Summer.

There is a March 19 deadline for interested students to send a completed application that must include a short interview video. This experience is part-time (flex time) and can be conducted remotely via the 3D virtual reality campus (Deep HoriXons - DHX) to allow students the flexibility to participate around their other summer commitments such as family vacations, part-time jobs, etc. An opportunity for an on-site internship exists as well if the student's summer residence is within safe, convenient commuting distance to the summer facility in Dayton, OH.

Although the initial experience is unpaid (as an experiential learning and industry networking opportunity), this experience can open doors to future paid internship opportunities for students trying to get their foot in the door by providing serious project experience that can cause the student's resume to catch the eye of a future employer. As part of the experience, students who are successful in the summer program will have a chance to showcase their work to the industry partners via a 3D virtual Open House on August 3 - ie an inverse career fair... and to be showcased on the website at the end of the summer.

For more information, please visit:

Here are the Application Instructions:

1. SEND EMAIL: Read instructions (CAREFULLY) --- send an email BEFORE 11PM EST ( March 19 ) using the following subject line template: DLG 0216 VR_Learning_Internship X YLN YFN to

(notice the period ".") (YLN YFN equals YourLastName YourFirstName respectively) X indicates which internship you're applying for - e.g. X=4 for a 4-week part-time internship and X for a 10-week part time internship

2. ATTACH RESUME: Attach a one-page resume as a text file (eg word doc) - give it a filename that includes your full name. For home address - just give city and state only. Do NOT include your phone #.

3. ATTACH VIDEO: Also ATTACH interview video to email -- made using webcam or cellphone camera. The video must be exactly 1 minute and 57 seconds long. Do not put on Google Drive. Editing is allowed to make it exactly 1:57. It MUST be in mp4 format. It must be under 15 MB. Give the video a filename that includes your full name. Follow these instructions carefully.

4. ANSWER THESE 6 QUESTIONS: in your email and also in your interview video. Clearly, indicate which question is being answered - for the video you could "flash" the question as text on the screen first. Record interview video with a blank backdrop. --- IMPORTANT --- in your interview video, try not to read what you wrote. You will sound robotic, lifeless, stiff, boring if you try to read what you wrote. Be natural.

(1) Are you in high school or college? When are you scheduled to graduate? What city and state is your home of record?

(2) What do you hope to gain from this opportunity? Why did you apply? Will you be able to invest at least 10-15 hrs/wk on it during the summer for the weeks you are applying for?

(3) This unique opportunity is not for those who are lazy or quick to complain and blame others when things get difficult or frustrating?.... Is that you?! Why?

(4) Our summer learning internship program has a reputation for being (very?) fast-paced, very dynamic ... but also uniquely rewarding. So, a quality that we and our industry partners look for in the students we select is what we call "tenacious enthusiasm". What does that mean and why would enthusiasm that is tenacious be crucial to your success?

(5) Do NOT answer this part in the interview video portion of application: Name 2 teachers, professors or professionals willing to recommend you for this internship - With their permission - provide their email addresses in the email answer but NOT the video.

(6) What awesome(!) project should we do in the future? It does not have to be virtual reality. Why did you suggest that project? What makes it so awesome(!)?


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